Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here Goes Nothing...

It is about six o'clock and I'm just settling in to a nice seat as I head towards Chicago.  From there I move along to Seattle, where I have an abomination of a layover because I am cheap and I chose to save some bucks flying out of Portland over the span of two days rather than flying out of Boston at 4am which would have left me needing to find a way to get to Logan at 2am.  Both seemed equally miserable as I was looking to book so of course I chose to save a few bucks.  That's just the way I is.

Thus far things aren't too bad.  I got bumped to quasi-business class, which basically means I have the same legroom as the folks in an exit row but none of the responsibility.  But hell, If this thing were to have gone down I wouldn't have done a damn thing.  The hay's in the barn and as Ron White likes to say, "Make sure you hit something hard - I don't want to limp away from this."  Of course this is all moot because if you're able to read this it is because we did not, in fact, "land easrly."  Yippee.

I must apologize to anyone I did not speak to directly before I skipped town.  I am fairly certain there are at least a few people who will be sendning texts for Gipper's Thursday, and I just don't think I can work it into my schedule.  Oops.  But to be honest I just don't like talking about serious things on here that much.  I'm considering this semi-serious.  And I don't really know what to tell people.  I may be there a couple of months, I may be there for longer.  Much longer.  I don't know.  And I'm not proud to say I'm able to up and leave with some dollars to float around as things shake out down there because I've been roommates with my parents for the past...well, it's been awhile.  I'm not proud, but shit, I'm not mad at it, either.  This is where no expectations or plans get you.  So, I'll just drift along and that'll be that.

 I did make it to Gipper's last night for a quick send-off Budweiser.  Fitting end, I say.


Shawn and I got together yesterday and we finally made it to see Avatar.  Shawn REALLY wanted to see it and had REALLY wanted to see it for quite some time but neither of us communicate that well from day to day so we had put it off the whole month of January.  I had really wanted to see it at the IMAX just because that seemed like the cool thing to do, but as my time in town was growing short and I had put off a lot of other various loose ends that I needed to tie up before my departure from town we just headed to the Lewiston Flagship cinemas to catch it locally in 3-D.

We made it to the theater fine and good but it appears no one in Lewiston or Auburn or any of the other surrounding towns enjoys catching a matinee on a Tuesday afternoon.  I'm probably overestimating when I say that there were about 15 cars in the lot.  So, more or less the theater was open but the total veiwers weren't even paying the worker's pittance of a salary, let alone whatever the hell James Cameron charges for his movie to be played once.  This turned humorous when we walked into theater 10 and it was pitch dark.  Liereally pitch dark.  The screen was off.  The lights were off.  The floor lights were off.  I'll give Flagship credit: At least their cutting all the corners they can to stay in business.  Credit aside, I was pretty pissed off I didn't get to see my movie trivia prior to the show.
Sidenote here: Be wary of dark places with Shawn.  He likes to get handsy..
It was so odd that at 3:50 Shawn walked back to the lobby to make sure they were actually planning to show the film.  As the door shut the previews started but I didn't get up to tell him.  Serves him right, right?  It's called trust.

At any rate the movie was long.  Almost 3 hours.  The glasses were funny.  I still have mine.  And I have a pretty big crush on Neytiri, the 9 foot tall blue babe who is prncess of the tribe.  To paraphrase L'il Kim: "Fuck a dime.  [She] a silver dollar."  Holler.

The movie was good.  The plot was standard.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It had a love story.  Because all big-time movies should have one, right?  The magical world of Pandora was very nice.  So nice, in fact, I'll probably see it again.  The 3-D was actually kind of cool at times because I ever got the sense of things coming "at" me, but sometimes the screen would pan out and things would rush by my periphery and then focus as it continued to pan out.  I thought this was pretty neat.  I felt like I was there, man.

Shawn was pissed.  He drank too much Avatar Kool-Aid and thought it was going to change his life.  I told him that I could see how people were getting depressed after seeing it, and it was because it wasn't that good.  He laughed and agreed, then we went to Staples and I bought a pencil sharpener.  Because everyone should have their own pencil sharpener.
Another sidenote here:  Who still uses pencils?  I do.  A lot of the time, actually.  But Shawn mocked me incessantly saying that everyone uses pens now.  I know in a workplace setting a lot of things need to be in pen, but do people still use pencils outside of work?  I do.  You know what I use.  Dixon's, babay!!
But, ya.  It was okay, I suppose.  I kept the glasses, so I've got that going for me...

I also had this problem: Sigorney Weaver was in the movie and she plays a human scientist lady whose DNA was spliced with the blue people DNA so she has ablue person she can control via her mind when she's in a pod.  This isn't an earth-shattering plot secret, this is just what the whole movie is based around.  Yeah, it's realistic...but anyway so Sigorney Weaver plays this doctor lady, but her voice is used for her Avatar, aka the blue person she can control via her mind when she's in a pod.  So, I'm not attracted to Sigorney Weaver at all.  Let's just say I think she's been involved in one or two too many fights, to put it as nicely as I can.  But at the same time I thought her Avatar was even sexier than Neytiri.  But, hell, every time I saw that Avatar and heard Sigorney Weaver's voice I had to say, "Oh,"  It's not nice, but it's the world we live in.  This isn't to disrespect Neytiri because she was the total package.  It just messed with my mind EVERY time Sigorney's Avatar talked.  Buzzkill, indeed. Cheers.

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