Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Place, New Plan..

(I think only one person who reads this will pick up the joke of the title but when they read it I expect they will spit out their coffee even if they're not drinking any.  It's that good..)

Alright.  Let's try this again.  I moved into a new place a few days ago at it's been pretty swell thus far.  As you could see from the pictures yesterday it's not a monster-sized room by any stretch of the imagination but it has some nice views and I'm set back away from a lot of the activity in the house.  I like this quite a bit because I'm more or less able to come and go as I please without disturbing anyone.  The only thing I'm not totally sure about is how the owner of the house handles/enjoys houseguests.  I guess we'll play it by ear when the situation arises.  The worst thing that happens is I get asked to leave.  Whatever, haha.  So, Samm-O, we'll make it work at one place or another whenever you land out here.

The way I left Jon's place kind of pissed me off a little bit, though.  I like having a bed, a closet, those sorts of things, but I don't particularly like paying what I'm paying, haha.  I can rationalize it because it's still a fair amount less than I'd be playing for a studio or anything like that but at the same time I would have liked to keep things on the cheap for a couple months to get started.  As I've said before Jon was fine with me crashing there for as long as I wanted which was stellar but clearly his roommate and especially his roommate's girlfriend were not as on board with it as Jon was.  As events have transpired it has come to light that Jon's roommate, Josh, who's a fine guy, had no issues with me crashing on their couch but his girlfriend really wasn't jiving with it. And so, of course, what happened Sunday night after I've been out for a couple of days and paid square on a month of rent..?  They break up and she moved out to a friends place. HORSE'S ASS, BATMAN.  Sonofabeesting.  It's quite possible that I'll be moving back into Jon's place come the middle of March until he and Josh depart and then I'll find my own place from there.  Sucker am I, apparently.  Hindsight says I should have just kept delaying things, but at the time it was made clear (Are we clear?  Yes, Colonel.  ARE WE CLEAR?!  Crystal..) that it was time for me to move on.  Besides, hindsight's always got 20/20 vision so it's kind of cheating to look at things that way.  Easy come, easy go..

This new place is about a half mile up the road from where I was crashing before.  It's in a nice location in between the highway and the "Lower" rd that runs right along the shoreline, with good space from both roads so most of the time it's pretty quiet.  I'm not quite as close to a beach as I was before and now I've actually accumulated a decent stock of food so I'm not making it out quite as much to eat breakfast on the beach.  It's a habit I fully expect to get back into in the coming days and weeks, just because it's a nice way to start the day.  I think I may buy some eggs, bacon, and english muffins, too.  I could go for a nice egg sangwich.  I haven't had a nice egg sangwich since before I left.  My room is nice, too because I can hear the ocean waves all day, especially when I lay down to go to sleep.  Buying "Sounds of the Ocean" or other crap CD's like that is what suckers do.

All in all this has kind of turned into a romanticized picture of what moving to Hawaii is all about, I think.  "Oh, I'm going to move to Hawaii and get a job in a restaurant and live by the beach and fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean."  Now all I need to do is find my pretty islander wife.  Yep...that's it..


Sort-of Bonnaroo (not acid..) flashback:

Out here a lot of the restaurants and bars have live music being played during their happy hour specials in the afternoons.  And though I haven't been going to a ton of happy hours I certainly haven't been a stranger to bars during the "happy hours," either and thusly I've heard quite a bit of live music played by some pretty decent local acts.  Granted, it's all geared towards the tourists so they play a lot of the same songs everywhere you go.  All of the sappy and cliche island tunes. Lots of Jimmy Buffet, for instance.  But there's one song that gets played EVERY set, without fail:

Yep, "Somwhere over the Rainbow."  The songwriter is apparently Hawaiian so it seems to be their defacto state song.  It doesn't really bother me because I like the tune but it brought me back to last summer's road trip where we heard "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show EVERYWHERE.  I just couldn't resist pointing this tidbit; it's exactly the same because I like "Wagon Wheel" a lot, too, so it never really bothered me hearing it over and over again.  "Rainbow" is on the radio all the time down here, too. Just silliness.


Non-Hawaiian New Music Suggestion:

Check out the Easy Star All-Stars, a reggae/funk act from NYC.  I'm not sure if anyone has heard these guys or not but I learned about them from Jon's roommate Josh, who saw them perform live in a bar he works in on the Cape.  I've heard three CD's they've released and all were covers, but these guys picked some sick-ass albums to cover: Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and OK Computer.  Easy Star's albums are titled Dub Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Dub Band, and RadioDread, respectively (I think..).  And they cover the albums from start to finish in a funked-out, trippy reggae way.
I'll admit right off that I'm not a big reggae fan (which is a little problematic because reggae is huge out here...probably because everyone burns out here but that's another story for another day..) but these guys do some pretty f-ing good work..
The bong rips to start off is a nice touch, right? Rasta, mon..
Citizen Cope providing guest vocals for Karma Police?  You can't go wrong with that, my friends.  I'll take it all the way to the bizzank.  Cheers.

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  1. Don't know if I was the person who was supposed to spit out their coffee over the title, but I damn near shit myself when I read it.