Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early birfday present for my mamma:

Anyone who is facebook friends with big Marie may know she has a birfday coming up on Monday.  So if you see her then wish her a happy birfday for me.  I will be doing the same via cellular telephone, but I just don't think that's quite as good as an in-person Happy Birfday.

Without further adieu, Ma, I bring you more photos, this time from yesterday's bike-riding adventure south to check out Lahaina Town, along with some other places I stopped along the way down and back (All of these should get bigger if you click on them..):

This is the beach across the street from J.Mac's place.  It's a nice place to eat breakfast:

Ka'anapali Coffee Farms, which heads up into the mountains (For S.Thomas..):

Up there is where they grow the coffee:

This was my golde, er, silver chariot for the day: A Schwinn beach cruiser, complete with white-walls:

A resort golf course that was along the road.  Not a bad place to tee off from, eh?  Even Pops would agree that we're not at Fairlawn anymore..

Looking to chip and get up and down after sailing my wedge approach.  Guess I should have used the Ping Eye-2's like Phil..

I call this shot "Mountains in the distance, helping to pull focus away from the shitty man-made water-divergence system at bottom (though I do like the gravel road..) [in color]:"

Five shot panorama of the shore at Lahaina Town.  I've been taking quite a few of these multiple-shot deals to try to get the whole scene.  It wasn't a bad place to have some lunch:

And, this was a nice way to end the day.  Headed back up to the beach at Ka'anapali where I was on Friday and as the sun was going down J.Mac and I got treated to a little jazz session (aka: an impromptu performance...I was impressed..):

And a good time was had by me.  Happy early Birfday, Ma.  x.o.

Cheers (Oh.  One of these days I'll actually get around to taking a picture or two of a building or some other structure.  But shops and shit just haven't interested me quite as much as, well, what I've been snapping..).

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