Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a day, what a day..

I was hoping to be able to get some funny words up about the weekend today but it's now after 10pm and I'm tired.  So I'm not sure how far I'm going to get with this. 

UPDATE:  It's now midnight.  This is how far I've gotten with this.  My apologies to the sparse group of readers out there.  I actually had some funny things happen to me this weekend.  And by funny things happen to me I mostly mean I did funny things that cause people to get embarrassed and force a fake smile and a laugh.  Yes, this is my life.  
But for the record:  Until Saturday I had never been out to imbibe spirits in Cambridge.  When I hear names thrown around I expect a house party.  The folks I was with kept talking about going to John Harvard's.  I assume this John Harvard fellow is having a gathering at his house, or apartment, because this came up right after I was talking up a house party we were considering checking out later in the evening.  Come to find out John Harvard's is a bar.  A big bar.  A big bar that was packed with people.  
I didn't see this coming, and not seeing this coming upset me a bit.  When I go out in big places with lots of people I need to get mentally ready.  Because, for the most part, I hate both big places AND people.  So it took me awhile to shake this off.  I'm mentally weak in social situations.  Fack.  GROW UP, MAN!

This may not sound especially funny, especially because unless you're from Greater Boston then you've probably never heard of John Harvard's, either.  But I'm sure my surprised and dumbfounded look, followed by my repeats of "John Harvard's is a bar?  I thought we were going to John Harvard's HOUSE?!"  amused quite a few people.  Both friends and others who were within earshot.  Sonofabeesting. 

But, yeah.  It was that kind of weekend.  Cheers.

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