Friday, April 30, 2010

Another week has passed? Sorry, folks.

More than a week now.  Oops.  I guess I've sort of been going through a bit of writer's block these past couple of weeks.  My motivations haven't been to write.  Some of this laziness in writing has been a result of me having to spend more time getting around.  Yep, my bike got another flat...then another flat the day I fixed the flat so I've been leather tramping around for just about a week now.  I don't really have a problem with walking places out here since I don't have much to do and it appears the rainy days are over with here, but at the same time it still takes about an hour to get down or back from Hula and fifteen or twenty minutes to get down or back from the Farmer's Market or grocery store.  So the minutes and hours walking around add up and the long days suddenly get a tad bit shorter and the time I can devote to blogging shrinks accordingly.

I also haven't been traveling north to my McDonald's office recently because of my tire issues and that seems to have slowed my mo-jo, too.  I enjoy sitting down when I write so it's a lot easier to get my sig up there where I can sit and be online than when I'm home and I can lay down OR be online, but I can't do both at the same time.  Is it sad that I find myself procrastinating and distracting myself from writing about things I actually want to write about?  Like, I'm not putting off tedious school work I can pick the crap I'm typing about and I still can't just sit down and pound out thoughts.  CLEARLY, I need my health insurance to kick in next week so I can go see a doc and get some drugs to help me focus for periods of time.........and some painkillers.........for my.......shoulder.......and some anti-anxiety job is terribly stressful........and a medical marijuana card.........because I figure I should just ask for all of these at once.........right?

But on a serious note I should be getting my health insurance the first week in May.  This is pretty cool.  I work a little over twenty hours a week and I get full health and dental insurance.  This is separate from Obama-Care, so get off my ass.  This is a state program where state taxes are a little higher to help subsidize a state plan, and they've done this in conjunction with two insurance providers because, well, there aren't a ton of insurers beating down the bushes to get to the few folks who live in Hawaii.  So while I haven't seen a doc out here yet the program does seem like a pretty good concept.  I'm sure in some way it contributes to a sort of slacker mentality, where 20 hours a week is full time and good enough...but for right now that seems just swell to me.  My pearly whites could use a good washing.


I also hesitate to write at times until after I do something and most times it takes days or weeks to actually do whatever it was that I thought could prove interesting to write about.  Many evenings here are spent discussing possible adventures for tomorrows and the next days, yet when those days arrive a lot of times...nothing actually transpires.  Shocking, I know.  For example, yesterday a few cohorts and I went up to Honolua Bay to watch the sun set.  Honolua Bay is about five or six miles from our residences.  A five minute drive by car.  We had a car.  We had planned to go Sunday.  Didn't happen.  Then the same thing for Monday.  Still didn't happen.  That's kind of how things go around here.  Sometimes a little less talk and a lot more action would make things a little more entertaining...but that would be more work, too.  Easy come, easy go.  I didn't snap any pictures - my camera stayed at home - but I have to say it was worth the wait.


Here are some older pictures from a whale watch I went on with J.Mac's roommate, Josh.  He's back in MA now to work on the Cape for the summer.  Tough life, really...

West Maui from da boat..

Our fearless captain..
He had a bunch of funny jokes but I've forgotten them all.  Let's just say this wasn't his first time on the water..

Let's just say a couple of these went down in two hours on the water..

We got pretty close..

But these assholes got closer..

Tail shot.  Because, you know, I'm a tail guy..

And whale waving bye bye:

This is actually fitting as whale season has just come to an end.  They're pretty much all headed back to Alaska.  Tough life they lead...jerks.


You know what really grinds my gears (other than the Jethro Tull thing.  And that was an Armageddon snipe but it's true.  Appreciate the creators of Aqualung and Locomotive Breath, people..) is that iTunes doesn't automatically detect songs that run together and play them that way when you listen to an album in its entirety.  You need to manually select the album is a gapless album for it to play correctly.  It's a minor pain but it's still a pain.  For example, let's say you're listening to Sgt. Pepper's (because Sgt. Pepper's is slightly less stoney than Pink Floyd...but really I was listening to Pink Floyd while sober when I was irked by a blip between songs.  But I was listening to Pink Floyd then because I was reading a Pink Floyd book under the influence a couple of days ago and wanted to hear Wish You Were Here in its entirety because I had nothing better to do for about an hour before the sun set and I could go to the Farmer's Market and get a cheap dinner after 6pm but for whatever reason it was not coded as a gapless album and thus it didn't play QUITE right...I lead a fast paced life...) and you start at the beginning.  On the real album Sgt. Pepper's and With a Little Help play as virtually one continuous song.  Same with if you had the CD in your typical CD player.  But once said CD has been imported into iTunes then each song is recognized as a separate song and you'd get a little "..........." in between "BIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY SHEARRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS" and "What would you think if I sang out of tune..."

I guess my point is shouldn't all albums be recognized as gapless?  Most songs fade out anyways so there'd still be a little bit of time between songs if that's what was intended.  It makes sense, trust me.  I'll admit I have way too much time on my hands to be thinking about this, but seriously, trust me.  It makes sense.  Cheers.

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