Saturday, May 1, 2010

There's nothing better..

Than using a freshly laundered towel when you take a shower.  I feel clean much longer using a fresh towel than a towel I've used a few times.  Back home I'd always rotate a couple of towels because I hate drying off with a damp towel.  I always thought it kind of defeated the point...since the towel was already damp.  Anyways out here since I do laundry quite a bit less I've been rotating three towels.  I use one a couple of days straights, then bring in a second and rotate those two for a little while, then when I feel like those towels need a little break I'll bring in #3 and then rotate them all until whenever I get around to doing laundry again.  It's foolproof genius, really.  Today I used #2 for the first time, and, MAN, has it been a good day.  COUNT IT.


In other news I just got approved for my extended trek home in July.  Right now I've blocked out July 14-August 5, with some of the days at the end to be spent on the Big Island.  But at least two weeks will be held down in and around the 207.  Make sure you've removed your training wheels again by then, and do your best to make it home during that time.  Especially for Em's Run on July 25.  Craig's dragon and Sloat's breakfast will be on display for all to see, if it's anything like years past...Cheers.

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