Saturday, May 15, 2010

A sad example of the things I know..

I flipped the TV on this morning and put it on the Food Network.  It was during the day so it was Food Network: In The Kitchen and actually good television rather than the Food Network: At Night shit where the shows don't teach you a damn thing about making delicious fritadas or scrumptious curried chicken salad.  At any rate I flipped it to Food Network and there was a shot, with no sound, of hands chopping an onion.  I knew immediately and definitively what show I was watching by a tight shot of hands chopping onions.  No voice.  No background music.  No torso.  Not even an idea of what dish this cook was creating, other than the fact it involved a simple, chopped white onion.  I know something isn't quite right about me knowing that...right?  Cheers.


  1. Had to have been Ina Garten. That's my guess.. I watch a lot of food network as well.

  2. Barefoot Contessa

  3. It happened to be Giada but it could have been any of about ten people on there...Ina, Paula, Bobby, Tyler, Alton, etc. I watch almost all of them.