Friday, May 14, 2010

Splintered thoughts..

Is there any better feeling in the world than the couple of seconds after you pull a splinter out?  HOLY SMOKES, THAT FEELS GOOD.  I managed to get a splinter in my finger a couple of days ago while I was at work and that sucker felt pressure packed.  You know, just sore, nasty pain.  Silly that it comes from something so tiny.  I couldn't get my hands on a needle or tweezers but I was able to get my fingers on a nail clipper so I hacked and I hacked and I hacked and after a few minutes I got it out and WOOOOO.  Instant relief.  SO good.  I don't get a lot of splinters these days but back in my days on the roofs I'd get asphalt splinters quite a bit  and those suckers suck.  It was never a big deal because I'd just dig them out with a utility knife but they still hurt like a son of a gun.

Last night I was taking out the glass bin at work and I cut my finger on a little piece of broken glass.  It was just a little scratch but it bled like I was in a Tarantino flick.  I walked to a sink to wash it and get the blood off before I went to get a band-aid and a server saw my bloody finger and thought I hand spilled ketchup on myself.  When I told her it was blood, not ketchup, she didn't seem all that impressed.

Actually as I assess both situations I realize that the splinter and the cut happened on the same finger.  My right index is getting the shit kicked out of it this week.  Rough week at the office, indeed.


Yesterday I watched the first three quarters of the Celts game before I had to ride my bike to work and I was shocked, SHOCKED, when I saw Ray Ray throw it down while getting the hoop with the harm.  I thought he lost those ups about, oh, five years ago.

Also on the subject of basketball, and the C's C's series, I'm pretty sure it was last year Lebron took a bunch of shit for walking off the court without shaking hands after the Cav's got bounced.  Things looked a bit different this year, eh?  My memory isn't great but it seemed like the playoffs happened a lot later last year.  I feel like I was watching this in a bar in Nashville when this happened.  Chances are I'm wrong.  My memory is a little hazy about a lot of things involving that trip........

But back to Lebron...I think he'll stay.  I think as much as he wants to be a global icon he's too concerned about his image to make the move.  He'd be ruined in Cleveland if he leaves, and many people would say "Oh, ya but it's just Cleveland.." but everyone in the world saw him play like shit his last couple games, and especially at home in Game 5.  I think he threw whatshiscoach under the bus by laying down.  Jerk.  It's kind of silly that when a team wins 61 games in the regular season it's because they have great players but when they lose in six in the conference semi's it's because they have a lousy coach.  Sweet, sweet irony...


One thing I do remember (and I just want to remind you all, too..) throws it back to '08 and I was in the arena for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals when Bron Bron and The Truth went for 43 and 41 and Eddie Hype-Man House waved the towel over someone's head from the bench when someone was shooting a three from the corner and psyched them out Baseketball style.  That was some day.  And I was there.  Thanks to Nate Cleveland for that 2am call the morning of the game.  Made my day, I must say.  I guess it's still making my day; that was pretty swell.


Yesterday I didn't have to work until later on in the evening so I rode down to Lahaina to run some errands.  I got some grease for my two wheeler and lubed up every place that moved and now she's slipping and sliding like you read about.  I've got to say it was a good day.

Saturday night is bringing a Battle of the Bands, '80s cover style, to my eardrums.  Don't worry: G'N'F'N'R will be in full effect.  Cheers.

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