Friday, May 7, 2010

Did anyone else grow up watching Roseanne..?

Because I guess you could say I kind of did and last night I watched a couple episodes on TV Land and they made me laugh.  One of them was a Halloween episode, which were my favorites.  They always centered on tricks and spooks set up to spook other members of the family and/or people in the neighborhood.  Roseanne considered herself the queen prankster and also believed she was unable to be pranked.  I don't remember if she ever got got or not.  Way too long ago.  I feel like I was pretty little when it was on.  Basically Halloween was sweet on TV because of The Simpsons and Roseanne Halloween specials.

I know the last season of Roseanne sucked but that was about all I remembered until I started watching last night.  And come to find out Roseanne was kind of a bitch on the show, heh, heh.  For an actor I'd bet she had the perfect gig.  She could show up and be herself every day and say whatever she wanted because, well, she was playing herself.  Hell, I guess she was a reality TV star before anyone knew what a reality TV star was. A regular Truman Show, only she was Jim Carey AND Ed Harris.  She was married to Tom Arnold during some of the seasons, so he's on the show.  Classy move.

I also think John Goodman is hilarious, in general.  That's a total aside.  He's good in small roles on the big screen, too.  I can't exactly remember the last movie I saw him in...but I know he had a smaller role but he was very good.

While watching said Halloween Roseanne episode I also remembered her and Dan always had killer costumes that the wore to their Lodge Halloween parties.  Maybe this was a subconscious influence on my ridiculous costumes of yesteryear.  Those were the days...i hope this is my year to make a triumphant return..

For virtually all of you who are unfamiliar with the show let me provide you with a clip from the Halloween episode I watched:

I will say you all should at least fast forward to the last 30 seconds of this clip, because you wouldn't believe who Jackie's moose suitor at the party is even if I told you.  It just looks unimaginably silly in 2010..

Want to know something?  I'm not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I was a Roseanne fan.  I think I may still be..

I would like to know something from you folks out there, though: Am I the only one who used to watch?  Do most people even know this show existed, let alone watched it regularly?


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  1. Well its funny you ask Matt. I grew up watching Roseanne as well and since its on in syndication every day a million times I still catch episodes here and there. Hope you're having fun man. Keep posting.