Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco came shortly after tres..

Three plus months down.  No complaints thus far.  Well, I could complain, I'm sure, but it would be picking knits.  For instance, I just had to crush the shit out of my first roach in my hacienda.  Kind of lame.  And Yesterday I thought I had my bike tires on the path to fix-dom when the bead on my front tire slipped off the rim when I was putting air in it and the tube got pinched and went BOOOOOOOM.  I didn't just feel flat yesterday: I felt instantly deflated.

This morning, however, my brain started working overtime and I put Jon's front tire on my bike (his rear tire was still flat after a second patch job...we're winners..) and rolled down to Lahaina and back before work to buy more tubes  This is something we should have thought of, o, THE DAY OUR TIRES WENT FLAT ABOUT TWO WEEKS AGO..

I broke down and bought a hand pump that worked wonders so I was back rolling today and it felt great.  So great, in fact, that it got me in the spending mood so I picked up a new pair of shorts after work, too.  It's pay day tomorrow so all will be forgotten in a few short hours.  I'd like to say since I bought those threads today and have been indulging in more cocktails than usual over these last few days that I won't spend any moo-la-moo tomorrow...but what's the fun in that?!  It's just money, right Skip?  And I'm kind of hot for another pair of shorts on sale.  And, hell, they're on sale.  That makes them a BAHHHH-GIN!


On the whole, Preparation H is still proving to be a fine plan.  I mixed up some music on my iPod yesterday and put some Black Crowes back on it.  I used to roll through town many, many days straight with nothing but Crowes coming from the speakers but hadn't listened to them in forever out here.  Rolling on my two wheeler to the Crowes today made me smile.

So this is in honor of my reconnecting with the Crowes and also my new shorts, as they have some sunflowers on them:
I don't have a picture of the shorts.  Another time, perhaps.  Maybe with my two-wheeler.  But trust me when I tell you they're some fresh threads and I'll be wearing them to and from the office tomorrow.  Not during, however.  My office is pretty corporate and I can't be farting around on the clock like some of you knockers reading this and getting paid right now..

At first I was going to say I don't know how this only has 6500 views, but I guess the audio and video doesn't really sync up well.  Still, it's good audio and decent video.  I enjoyed it..

O, and Ma: the album this song is on is strong, in my humble opinion.  I'd go as far as to call the Amorica quite strong.  Look past the fact it has a woman's pubis on the cover; she's just being patriotic.  Find it in my room when you have a spare minute and give it a listen when you have a spare fifty or sixty..

And here's this, because The Crowes covering The Band seems appropriate to me right now.
For you, KathV.  I know you like The Band.  Yay, The Band! or something..


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  1. You sure know the way to my heart old man. Reminds me of the rendition by the Zac Brown Band in the pouring rain at Bonnaroo. Oh and I'm seeing the Black Crowes in October, yay!