Monday, May 17, 2010

Jinx, and I owe myself a new chain..

I finally threw up a snapshot of my two wheeler on the Facebook a day or two ago...and yesterday my fartin' chain broke as I was arriving at work.  Some luck I have.

Many would say my bike is cursed and I should just scrap it and start over.  While I 100% agree my two wheeler is a piece of shit, I've fixed just about everything on it so if I can get the chain fixed for cheap then I'm fairly certain there's nothing else that can go wrong with in until the things I've already fixed start to about a week.  Life's hard out here..

At any rate here are some photos of my two wheeler prior to its most recent break down.  She's pretty pretty..

And my hood ornament.  Just because it's silly..

Yep.  When it's cruising it's the nuts.  When it's out of commission it's the POS.  I'll still take'r.  Cheers.

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