Sunday, August 8, 2010

207 Recapped in word, picture, and musical tributes..

I haven't worked since July 13th.  That seems so long ago.  It is so long ago.  Damn near a month.  But things start back up tomorrow.  Here are some things that occurred while I was in the 207 for a couple of weeks...I don't have a lot of pictures from my two weeks but the highlight was a Maine steamed dinner with my folks and Mr. Gallagher, who always seems to find his way to my house when the Capone's chow down on lobstah..

It wasn't totally traditional: we didn't have corn on the cob but but did have plenty of Marie's kick ass 'tater salad, but a good time was had by all and at the end of the afternoon we all had full bellies.  As I sit back and reflect on my time in Vacationland it appears that, while I was home for two weeks, the days went by in the blink of an eye (a young girl's eye, that is..).
Though things moved quickly the timing was perfect.  Most all of my friends were home or made it home for the weekend festivities.

After having a delightful Flatbread dinner in Portland's Old Port with my folks for their 31st anniversary the fun never stopped.  After a Mattie family reunion in CT and some delicious chicken I traveled through Greater Boston for a couple of days to see some fellow Batesies too lazy to drive to Maine to see me.  Jerks, more or less.  Also had a delightful walk around Cambridge, more specifically Harvard's campus on Monday afternoon while most people were stuck in their respective offices.
This is how we cooked chicken in Mattie country, aka Limerick, Maine.
In a rotisserie basket over hot coals.  Un-be-lievable..
Squeezed three rounds of golf into my first week, two with Skip and one with Nicholas; drank plenty of beer and cracked plenty of jokes.  I got my money's worth, as this is most certainly how not to finish a golf swing..
Pitiful iron shot all the way wonder I spray'em like little league bp..
Got a chance to show off on the grill early on and impress KathV's Hamiltonian friends as well as some other high school buddies whom I hadn't seen it quite some time.  The following weekend found the boys together for Liam's mostly tame but exceedingly fun bachelor party (about what you'd expect with anything associated with young Mr. Gallagher..) which was able to end at Camp Fletch like many good, summer times always seem to.

We managed to rally the following evening to engage in the usual pre-Fletcher 5k festivities poolside at the Lawler residence and per usual the banter and shenanigans were top notch.  Nick graciously took his usual heel turn when he brought down the thunder on KathV and Jenny Goldberg-spear-style shortly after sundown.  No surprises there, really.
When it rains sometimes you gotta improvise with the garage...I think this was when Nick destroyed the beer pong table, too...well done all around, Nicholas..
Nick, however, wasn't laughing quite as hard following the next morning's 5k..
Just happy to be there..
Speaking of the 5k, registration was up over 600 again and it was great to see everyone who came out to support such a worthy cause.  I ran with my ma and it was fun.  Too hot, but fun.  It was a great "end" to my trip, as even though I had a couple days left before I flew out I was ready to do absolutely nothing and kick it at home.  Which was, more or less, what I did, other than putting my baby out to pasture..

And Gipper's.  Of course, there was Gipper's.  It was great to see Mel, Karen, and all the girls plenty of times, especially Thursdays with Mr. Haggerty.  Thursdays at Gip's is about all the I miss about roofing.  Not really, but really.  Man, I miss Gipper's.  Camps: have some wings for me, k?

So thanks to all of you from the 207 who made my visit home a memorable one.  I think I've name dropped more in this post than I have in the entire 21+ month history of the 'Pad.  If you got mentioned then congratulations.  If you did not, I apologize.  Maybe next time around..

See you in October, 207...Cheers.

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