Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Odd thought..

I guess I have a lot of odd thoughts, but just had to get this bit of pondering out there.  Came to my while on my two wheeler last night headed home:

You know how sometimes you start drinking and just sit there for awhile drinking, usually in a bar or a basement or on a deck (lanai for some..).  Somewhere that you luck out and someone else is always fetching the beers so you don't have to get up for like, two or three hours straight.  And you just started drinking then so you don't have to get up to pee pee for a long time (unless your Sam or Camps, this really can't apply to you since you guys go every 10 minutes when you're sipping..).  Then after all that time and all that booze you stand up and get all stumbly and realize: "Holy smokes...I'm pretty shitcanned right now."

Your night can never quite rebound from there because the hooch snuck up on ya Ashton Kutcher top-rope Punk'd style.  It's not necessarily a bad night, it's just a night that the booze snuck up on ya.

Well, what happens with people in wheelchairs...do they ever know they're drunk?  Is remaining seated alcohol's kryptonite?  If you never get up, do you never get drunk?  I may need a bed pan and a bottle of Jack to test this hypothesis..


In other news...I started working again yesterday.  I work eleven hours (ya...double digit hours..) today alone.  I think four weeks may have been a bit too much to take off...I really didn't want to go back to work.  I suppose no one really wants to work.  My Grandpa would always say, "Work ain't work unless you don't like what you're doing."  Truer words have never been spoken..

I more or less have to work now, as Liam and Rachel's wedding is in just over two months.  Man, that date crept up.  Maybe because invitations still haven't been mailed out...then again maybe it's just because 30 days aren't as long as they used to be.  It'll be nice to be in Maine during the fall, though.  Good call, guys.  It wouldn't be a real fall if I was without Wallingford's cider donuts and a leaf peeping hike or two and a chilly (but not too chilly..) trip to the ocean and going to one of Skip's fooseball games.  All should be able to be squeezed in, if all goes well...Cheers.

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