Monday, August 16, 2010

Out of it..

The last day or two I've been in a pretty good funk.  I think it started Wednesday.  I was working a dinner shift, just kind of going through the motions doing my thing clearing a table and a server came over and just said thanks for doing a good job and always being in a good mood and I just kind of laughed it off and said something along the lines of, "Let's be serious, it's just wiping up dirty tables."  And for whatever reason my own sentiment on my job has sort of been sticking in my craw for the last couple days.  And it's pretty silly because, yeah, in the whole scheme of things I get paid to clean up tables.  But at the same time I get paid more than well enough to get by, and I get to live in a pretty nice setting.  So while I was at my job when I came to a realization that something (or things, I suppose..) in my life are making me feel not quite right, I'm fairly certain that my discontent does not stem directly from my job.  Which is good, I guess?

At the same time I have sort of been in mercenary mode recently.  Well, I didn't know I was in mercenary mode until I coined the term while I was on the john earlier today.  Basically, I came back with a goal to make some moo-la-moo between landing back on the rock at the end of July and leaving the rock in October for Liam's wedding and I've sort of become consumed with that goal, which is kind of silly.  Dollars are useful from time to time but I need to start living by the other tenants of the TS Restaurants mission statement, which include having fun and with aloha.  Yep, that sounds nice.  Hell, the last two days I didn't work and I didn't make it out of the apartment I'm staying in.  How lame is that?  I live on the beach, gosh darn it, and I'm pretty pasty white right now.  This [apathy] cannot stand, man..

In other news I went through some old drafts of posts I had started but never finished and these videos were from back in January.  I guess I thought they were funny back then.  The first one is hilarious and one we used to listen to all the time back in the day and laugh pretty hard to.  The other two aren't as funny as I remembered them to be.  Well, the last one is funny, because most Family Guy is funny.  The Muppets tried the corner and missed.  Just a bit outside, in my humble opinion.  They're no Wayne, Garth, & Co.  But still use them to waste a few minutes of your day.  Carry on.  Cheers.

The WEED Man.

Muppets do Bohemian Rhapsody.

Family Guy Plywood Cutouts:

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