Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I think I missed a killer sunset tonight..

..and that really grinds my gears because I wasn't doing anything of consequence.  I got out of work at five and had some dinner (well, really it's lunch because I eat breakfast around 9am and then don't eat again until after I get off the floor, then have more to eat around 8 or 9pm..) and then rode home.  When I got up the hill I ride every day that overlooks the golf course I saw that it was kind of cloudy  over the water so I made a mental note to check out the sunset...then promptly forgot once I walked in the door.  A little after six thirty I looked out the balcony window and saw pinks and purples through the clouds and said, "Shit."  I grabbed my camera and hopped on my bike to ride down to the park to get a good view but the sun was already well down and the sunset was over with.  Shucks.  Sometimes you take things for granted out here.  The sunset is nice every day, especially the days I'm getting paid to watch it, but it really grinds my gears when I miss a good one.  I still haven't got a mind-blowing one on camera yet.  Maybe tomorrow..

I'm talking to my manager tomorrow about getting time off for Liam's wedding.  I think I need two weeks.  That makes sense for a wedding, right?  I'll make it happen.  Barring a catastrophe or a delay I'll be back at Gipper's on Thursday, October 14.  Write it down.  Also, I threw this out on the facebook and I don't think many people read this because I post so infrequently but I'm planning to head to Burlington to catch The Black Crowes' two night stand at Higher Ground on Tuesday, Oct. 19 & Wednesday, Oct.20.  If you want to see some killer music then let me know pretty soon; some of you may be getting a friendly inquiry from me.  I get paid Thursday of this week so after I buy my plane ticket home I'll be scooping tickets so let me know if you're in.  Sounds like they're playing two sets a night - one electric and one acoustic.  While this is their 20th anniversary it's also sounding more and more like a farewell tour as things progress so I don't plan to miss out.  An "indefinite haitus" is scheduled following the tour's conclusion in San Fran.

If you live in or around Burlington expect some contact from me, too.  I plan to neither sleep in a car nor a hotel so someone hook a brother up!
These guys are the "Most 'Rock & Roll' Rock & Roll Band of all time!"  What's not to like?  Cheers.

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