Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I don't know why I haven't posted these earlier..

Straight off the rock...Hawaii's not so subtle ad campaign against teen meth use..

Yikes.  Stuff sounds pretty serious.  Don't do meth, kids.  NOT EVEN ONCE..

I know these both say Montana Meth Project at the end, but trust me when I say these are the same commercials that come on during my Family Guy and South Park shows.  Quite a downer.  They put posters up all over the place, too.  Pleasant.  It sounds like it's working, though.  Shocking what happens when you just try to scare the shit out of kids.  This is like D.A.R.E. on steroids: instead of threatening kids with incarceration these folks just cut to the chase and show the tweakers.  Novel concept: "Hey kid: Don't be that guy, alright?"

Enough of this negativity...time for a good, ol' reliable knee slapper:

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