Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First email post - Be afraid...Be very afraid...

Don't be afraid of the fact I can post via email...there's never a place I'm at where I can get on the "internet" to check email and not get to the blogger homepage. And if I ever end up at a job that blogger is blocked they'll kiss my ass goodbye. That must be why blogger created email posting. Clever, google, clever.

What is not clever and should scare you, however, is google maps. That shit is fucking scary. Check out google maps and then type in your home address...then when the little box comes up click on "Street view" and be frightened. That's my street, that's my house. Are you kidding me?! This is what our satellites are doing? Taking snapshots of our city streets? What the shit? Ya...this is just innocent technology that allows you to familiarize yourself with locations on a street before you drive there...nice try. You all probably think I'm overreacting or just spitting more bullshit, like you think I was kidding about the moon landing being staged (Even after a Mythbusters bust-a-thon where they disproved every conspiracy theory about the moon landing...THEY JUST PROVED YOU COULD DO ALL THE WEIRD SHIT ON EARTH IN A LAB AND NOT ON THE MOON. HELLO?!). Well. You're wrong. If you're not scared of this technology and don't think it can be used for bad then you need to get your head out of your ass. This can only lead to bad things.

(This is where I say should say "Cheers." But there's nothing to cheer about with this...)

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  1. i wouldnt be too worried if i were you. i see a red jeep in your front yard.