Sunday, May 31, 2009


This was a long weekend. My first weekend off and what did I decide to do on Saturday afternoon? Ya, I went to a track meet...I have a sweet life. Got in for free, obviously. Because we run the place. We're a bunch of jokers. I'm tired today. Little too much suds last night. Got a rippin' fire going, though. No place like Camp Fletch for summer evening fun (Well, there's one place but it's been awhile since we've made it out there...take notice and let's make it happen soon). So today I have on my persons the pleasant aroma of burnt wood and ass. Summer is here! Woo-hoo!

It was a good time. Liam stayed out instead of being a lame ass like he usually is, so that was a nice change. Got to throw a headbutt, first one of those in awhile. Had quite a bit of success using the Genius thing in itunes to make playlists. I have to say that I make playlists like none other, but this newfangled technology that they synced into itunes does a nice job in a pinch. It does, however, make me a bit nervous that the folks at Apple need to scan your whole library while you're connected to the internet. That, my friends, seems like it could end society as we know it if someone hacks into the mainframe with bad intentions. Maybe I just have a baditude when it comes to technology. Tomato tomato, I say.

Anyways, LOTS to do this week. 1st big things is I'm going to attempt to not sleep with my contacts in all week. My eyes are wrecked after the past few days alternating between falling asleep at 7pm or at 3am. It really is tough being me. What else? You forgot? BONNAROO IS COMING RIGHT UP, BABAY!!!!!!
That's right, tickets came in the mail Friday. No big deal. Normally, I live by the philosphy involves expecting the worst: low expectations ensure at least a modest level of satisfaction. However, in this case I'm 100% confident this is going to be EPIC. Caution will be thrown to the wind. Inhibitions? Out the window. All that needs to be determined is the route down and back. Chances are I will depart the 04210 area code this Friday or Saturday, so this really isn't a big deal. Boston to NYC to Charlottesville to Memphis and back to Manchester for June 11 sounds appropriate. Yip-f'n-ee.


Late spring and early summer means grass is growing at an astounding rate. With Skip coaching Jva baseball at the high school I was forced to step up my game and cut the grass last week. And, man, did I do a hell of a job. Scope the blade lines:

Impressive, right? I know, I know, a little fertilizer could green up those brown spots. But to hell with that. "Farmer, farmer, put away your DDT," Joanie Mitchell famously said. Same goes for grass. Nothing a little water and TCL can't fix. But that's a story for another day. Simple pleasures are all you need. I like to mow the lawn. It was a good day.


A couple more reason to like Clinton Portis:

Awesome. More to come on Eastern Motors, soon.

Also Awesome. Don't take yourself too seriously. It's as simple as that. And Rich Eisen: how's your career doing? Great decision leaving ESPN, buddy...


Two random sites to waste tie while at work similar to fmylife:

TextsFromLastNight: Generally silly.

MyLifeIsAverage: Hilarious in its simplicity.


That is it. I am out. Hope you enjoyed your Sabbath. Cheers.

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  1. i believe it is JONI mitchell. just sayin... and your random sites... well, those get me through my work weeks pretttyyy happily.