Friday, May 8, 2009

The good life.

So usually when I post from meets I'm in a tired mood. I've got a little baditude going. And many times that is appropriate. It's been a long day of driving. The weather has been obscenely hot or cold and it's just been a situation that no one would be all that happy about. And in fact this day hasn't been much different than usual. I was up around 5:15 this morning. I left my house around 6:30am and then drove for close to 4 hours to a meet. The Celts are down right now by 16 and Scal has 4 fouls but is on the floor.
K, I'm stopping right here. For everyone out there who knows my comments on the Celts' season last year, listen up. Look who's on the bench for front court players right now (I love Starbury, obviously). Scal is the man. But my point is this: Who did we have last year? A man by the name of Scott Pollard. Yes. I am taking this opportunity to reaffirm my statement on last year's success: The reason the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship was Scott Pollard. You heard it from these gums all last year, and I think it's clear without his help on the defensive frontcourt that the '09 incarnation of the Boston Celtics are in trouble. Scal is playing OUT OF HIS MIND which I love from the Big VEal, but we need one more...and that one more is not Mikey Moore. It [was, not is...should be...] Scott Pollard.
But I am still having a great night. Because our hotel is next to Whole Foods. Many of you out there are thinking that there's no way, even as a crunch job, that I'd like Whole Foods because it is a pricey establishment. But, my friends, it's all in how you find the value that is offered. And I'll tell you this much: I probably overpaid for dinner. I purchased a $6.79 cold, pre-packaged Pad Thai from their prepped goods, but I actaully thought it tasted good. Obviously not up to the spice that I like, but overall it was good. And relatively healthy. But I spent a good 30 minutes over two sessions wandering about the splendor that is Whole Foods and their local fare is to die for. What is particularly rare for western Massachusetts, you might ask? Berkshire Brewing Company is my answer.

This is a shout out to Brian Rose. I don't know if he or Rachel (his much better half...) read but he's from the Dub-Mass area and lives close by to the BBC and brought me a growler (a growler is a half-gallon bottle of magic. Learn to buy your beers like you buy your milk...) one time and fell in love. Many don't know this, because few of my friends were over 21 when I built my first generation kegerator back in 2004 (ya, I built if before I was 21 either but don't worry about it...) but the first keg ever tapped at the Capone household was a BBC Steel Rail Extra Pail. Had I waxed poetic on this inside of the whole foods earlier tonight I pobably would have purchased that...but instead I went with their Drayman's Porter. The darker the better, I always say.

Anyways. BBC is legit. Tell your friends. They're pretty legit and are on quite a few menu's around southern New England ( Kath - they're on tap at the Public least they were on tap last'd like their Steel Rail [HAH!!!!!! But seriously, you would]), but I'm going to try to have a guy on tap this summer, too. Because it's that good. Cheers (yes, I'm psyched for summer. You should be, too...)


Happy Mother's Day, too. Get your mom something special. And Ma, let me know if you want me to cook you breakfast or lunch on Sunday, and if you'd prefer a sausage or bacon breakfast, with pancakes or french toast, and eggs or a lunch with steak or chicken. I aim to please, and so should you with your mothers...Love you, Ma.

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  1. As you know, I'm not much of a breakfast person, but a nice juicy medium rare cheeseburger sounds pretty appetizing =D Love you