Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grill master

Monday was Memorial Day. Memorial Day means my 4'x6' American Flag is now proudly displayed and will remain proudly displayed until I deem summer to be over. Memorial Day also means it's time to get back into summer mode and get back throwing down on the grill on the regular (We still use the grill in the winter, don't get me wrong. Just, once a week-ish instead of five...). Some folks know I can handle a spatula, but Monday I had the opportunity to demonstrate my Darwin-given ability for some folks new to the household, and boy, were they in for a treat.

Not just the food (we had a monster spread: burgers, dogs, brats, 2 kinds of chicken, 2 kinds of chicken wings, 3 kinds of steak tips, peppers, onions, etc. And of course Ma's 'tater salad. No big deal, Nick), but the banter was on point. Nothing like eight or nine sauced up twenty-sometings looking to one-up one another in front of their parents. Lets just say the language was as colorful as the spring season all day...But man, did we have some fun. Marie took a bunch of digital photographs so I will look to show those off within the next couple days. For those of you who had cameras Monday (I really can't know why it was a long weekend..) feel free to send me a good one or two and if it makes me laugh then I'll figure out something to do with it.

For today and tomorrow duty calls, though. I'll be outside in the war...What the shit? It's supposed to be 45-50 today. Eff you, shitty weather patterns. It's post-Memorial Day...It's practically June. Fix that. Can one of you religion-heads out there talk to Jesus or G-d or whoever and tell him (or her...) to get his act together? This is ridiculous. Cheers (And this is the first announcement: the 4th of July will me more of the same at mi casa. If you're in the state then you're welcome to come by..).


  1. mm turkey burger with cheese, Marie's potato salad, and a nice cool Sam's...glorious way to kick off the summer. My compliments to the grill chef

  2. 4th of july i'll be there in with an extra large glass in hand