Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look who decided to crawled out from under a rock...

Since I started the 'Pad last year (I was going to name a month but I don't remember exactly when this started...October maybe?) this is by far the longest hiatus I have taken since a post. And I'm sorry, I know I only had about 15 dedicated readers so I'm sure by now many have moved on to bigger and better things while I've taken a two week vacation from posting. I really don't know why I stopped. I have been busy, but not exponentially busy from my usual days of work and meets and everything else that I've been occupying my time with for the past 2-ish years. I haven't been going out and getting blind drunk every night to the point where I struggle through my days and NEED to sleep when I get home. I did have a beautiful day in the sun this past Saturday (my first Saturday off in 2+ months...bah) which involved plenty of Vitamin D, plenty of food, and plenty of Summer Ale but I'm pretty sure that was the only time I had a sip since, literally, my last post which was prompted by my purchase of a growler of BBC.

I have a suspicison that my lack of posting is due to a subconscious nervousness that is resulting from the fact that 3 days from now when I touch down in Portland early Sunday afternoon that I will no longer be employed. And this anticipation of freedom has my head spinning, mainly because I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but many people around me seem to have ideas of what I should consider. I appreciate all of the support, I really do. It feels good to know people care about you and are happy to provide suggestions as to what you think I would be good at. Some are humourous, many are intriguing, all are appreciated. My main concern is making a quick buck, so I can finance my (sure-to-be-debacherous-and-moderately-expensive) trip south to Bonnaroo, which has snuck up on me like you read about. So this trip in a couple of weeks has provided me with yet another excuse to delay legitimate job searching. I am a lazy piece of shit. HAH.

I know I can generate income doing things similar to what I did last summer, mainly by being a grunt laborer on the best damn roofing crew in Maine. We lay all day, roofers do it on top, blah, blah blah. But I digress. This is by no means a career. But here in lies the problem: Do I want a career right now? I just don't f-ing know. I know I don't want to coach next year unless I can't help it and I'm offered a fat paycheck out of the blue. Being on the road 21 weekends in 24 weeks is a ball buster. There's no other way to slice it. So know I am left with a career in the field of...anything but coaching. That's quite the jumping-off point, right?

So, who knows where I may end up? Not me. YIKES.


I've also been reading a lot. I've gone to the Auburn Public Library a couple of times recenty and when I do that I've only got 2 weeks to finish those suckers. When I take books out of the Bates library I can keep them hanging around for a year. So if I'm only reading 5 pages a night that's no big deal. But with APL books I need to get my act together and this cuts into my blogging hours. Idol's been cut out of my life, too, since Allison was sent packing. Tuesdays and Wednesdays were big time-wasting nights for me, now instead of the TV I've gone back to the books. See, these are BIG changes I'm going through right now.

My plans for my first week off include:
-Getting a passport. Not because I want to leave the country immediately, but because it might be nice to leave some time in the next 5-10 years. How long are the good for, anyway?
-New pair of glasses. Eyeglass, not pint glasses. I have plenty of pint glasses. It's been 6 years or so, probably more. I guess it's time. If I end up grimey down south I'll need to be an intellectual who wears glasses, not my usual intellectual who doesn't wear glasses. HAH.
-Get the blue goose stickered. Maine sucks, but in 2 years I'll be able to get antique plates and never have to worry about inspections again, but for now the old girl needs a new power steering rack. Shucks. I did get the my tail lights and parking lights all fixed up so Barney will need to see my old sticker before I get pinched. I'm not as easy of a target as I used to be...
-Hopefully get back on a roof, if my boss has lined up any decent work. I miss the puckered-butt feeling of being up 20 feet in the air on 2x10's with two foot splits in both ends scampering around with 50lb bundles of shingles on my shoulder. My fat keister needs to get back in shape, it's summer time.
-Get my shoulders to stop hurting so I can do more pushups. I started doing a lot of pushups in the mornings about 2 weeks ago. I do sets of 30. Some mornings I do one and then say f-it. Other mornings I'll do 10 because i have absolutely nothing better to do. But my chest is starting to come back together. I have a little belly but I can live with that for the time being.
-I guess that's about it. Sounds like a decent weke to me.


I'm officially back on here...not like the last couple of times when I said I was back but wasn't ready to commit back to it. But consider this your first invite to Memorial Day at my parents' house. I'll be back at 4pm on Sunday. Grill, chill. My Flag goes back up for the season 9am Monday morning and that's that. Summer's here, if you're going to be back in town then you know where to find me. Tell your friends I'm back, spread the word. If you're still around then thanks for sticking with me. Now I'm off to get some Vitamin D. Cheers.

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