Friday, May 29, 2009

Photoshop is Funny

Courtesy of Gizmodo, a site I've never heard of and still don't know much about. They call themselves the gadget guide. They seem like a bunch of nerds, more or less meaning it's run by people who are smarter than me as it relates to computers. In the game of life, however, I'm sure I would prove victorious. But they're sponsored by the History Channel and I'm sponsored by boredom. Jerks.

Anyways...they just had a contest that asked for people to Photoshop iconic photographs and add in newfangled technology to see who could be the most clever. Some are good, some are very good, some I just don't quite get...

While none of my three favorites were in the top three on the site I have still provided them below:

This was an easy choice because "Google Maps" is creapy as fuck.

See how easy it is to alter pictures with computers? The moon landing is still a crock of shit.

Easily the most clever of the 86. Talk about cold-blooded. Funny, but cold-blooded.

All can be found here. Cheers.

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