Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big News!

The Sam's Italian Sandwich Shop on Minot Ave in Auburn got a new big menu sign.

It's no longer the big board that hasn't changed (well, other than some incremental price increases) as long as I can remember and was simple and brown and effective at telling the price of their delicious spread. The "internet" tells me these signs are called "changeable letter boards." Interesting. Imagine the sign to your right to be brown with white lettering and say things like "HAM ITALIAN" and "PIZZA: 9" 12" 16" " and that this imaginary sign is about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide and you will have what the Sam's menu board looked like.

Now the food is still delicious but the menu is a bit more colorful. And picturous.
While I fear change I will look the other way at this because of the goodness which they make:

Be jealous that I had Sam's for dinner last night, and you did not. And I don't know what they did but their meatballs were especially tasty on the pizza we had last evening. Seemed to be a little big more well-cooked and a little bit more italian spices. More hearty overall. Whatever the difference was it certainly made my day.
If you'd like me to tell you more about Sam's and their Whoopie Pies and chicken salad italians and their meatball subs and their buckets of spaghetti feel free to click on the top right link, donate to my sorry ass and let me know what you'd like me to sample for you. Yes, I have not forgotten about this magical feature, and neither should you. Cheers.


Editor's Note(s):

Yesterday evening when I typed out the Once blog which aired this afternoon I erroneously stated that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova were married. They never married, they dated for a couple of years post-Once and called it quits or whatever you'd like to call it circa 2008. They still currently make great music, that statement was/is fact.

I apologize to those of you who take my words as the ultimate truth. (Though very, very seldom..) I do, in fact, err and misspeak at times. As Josh Hamilton would say: I'm human.

Also, I'm trying to spread my posting out a little bit more than usual. Monday (wait for it, and be impressed..) I complied both my Monday night post and Tuesday's post in one binge but decided better of posting it all together. This way I can give the people what they want, (bullsh... er, high quality and insightful content and commentary concerning my comings and goings...........) on more days of the week. I never know how I'm going to feel in the evenings after work or what I'm going to want to be doing after work so if I feel like pounding out a bunch of thoughts I can balance nights when I just want to sit down and crack my toes with spreading the Gospel of the 'Pad. Win-win, I know.

Don't think for a second I haven't done this before. For whatever reason I just felt like being honest and forthright with my actions today. And if you think for a second I'm somehow posting from a roof at 9:15 this morning or 2:15 some afternoons then you're just silly. Cheers (again..).

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