Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Monday was here and the sun was here and it was a warm day up north of the ground. That being said, I've got some words that I'm looking to get out before I fall asleep in a little while. I enjoy being fully rested for days I am working way too hard in the hot sun. I had planned to get much of this out over the weekend but some things came up. Actually, it was the fact I was not busy that retarded my typing.

Tickets for the Mule show in the bean were more expensive than I anticipated so I decided on Wednesday not to take the trip down. This freed up my weekend to do absolutely nothing. Hells yes. Those are the weekends I can get behind. Actually doing nothing worked out well because I picked up my usual house/dog-sitting gig which allowed me to stay in town doing nothing but feel like I got away for the weekend. I'm never mad when that happens. But I finally had to return my laptop to my former employer on Friday afternoon (apparently the didn't forget about me...bastards) so I was offline for the duration of my weekend. With this all being said, here we go:

Finally my "tribute" to MJ by throwing it back to a middle school classic not sung by MJ at all:

Well, classic, in my opinion. This was Janet in her prime. The bangs were a nice touch, right? HAHA. At any rate it was nice to see that Michael was able to teach some of his pedophilia tricks to his younger sister before he passed on.
Honestly, at the age of thirteen or fourteen what pubescent male wouldn't dream of Janet showing up at their door dressed like that and stalking them for the night, with her sole goal being to take advantage of them? That's just awesome (That being said, Michael probably had this idea in the middle of his career but couldn't get his record company to sign off on him showing up at the door of an underage boy. So MJ just proves that there's nothing like living vicariously though your siblings.) Hell, I'd even get the haircut that looked like I was wearing a tarantula on my head, too, if it just got Janet to my front door (Maybe Kid&Play were still big in '98...I don't recall)..


Shout out to some new bloggers on the "internet:"

Two newbies to the blogging world, both of whom I feel I indirectly inspired to join the blog-o-sphere as they became more and more fascinated with the bullshit I spew on here on the regular. These are two of Kath's friends of the Hamiltonian persuasion. I've showed them the ropes of the blogging world so bear with them as they learn to tie knots (And I expect a return shout on each of your pages...nothing comes free in this world). They will soon become acutely aware of the blood, sweat, and beers that you need to put into these things. It's no easy task; I wish I was better at it. But I'm lazy, maybe they're not..

1.) Nature Woman's Wildlife Encounters
First of all try to ignore the title, I know it's a bit on the lame side...ANYWAYS..
"Nature Woman's" first blog discussed her sighting of a bobcat. No, not me in a 7 foot suit (that was so three years ago..), but the smallish, ferocious felines for which Bates College is nicknamed. These suckers are mean. Never look a bobcat in the eye, we always say. But I thought that was pretty cool that she saw a bobcat. They're pretty rare these days because they were hunted near extinction because their tears were thought to cure cancer. The problem was these tough bastards have never cried. But that's neither here nor there.
Tangent story (which obviously cycles back tot he only cool thing I've done this summer which may or may not have involved driving 2800 miles..): While in Nashville the day before Bonnaroo there was a pretty legit stage set up outside of one of the big venues where Country Fest was going to be taking place right down town. Jason Michael Carroll was playing a free show, which I must say was pretty cool even though I'm not a big fan of his work (As I've said before this really was an optimal time to be taking in the Nashville scene). At any rate Nick and I were watching the show from pretty far back and we happened to notice a bit of a commotion developing behind us so we turned to find some tatted-up crazy sitting on the roof of a brick building, letting his pet bobcat hang his (or her) paws over the edge.
This sucker was big. I'd say a good 15-20lbs. I've never seen paws that big before in my life, no joke. These paws looked bigger than my hands (Granted I have smallish hands, but still. HANDS on a 15 lb cat? That should be crazy talk).
I was too slow to take a picture of this, mainly because I kept silently hoping the cat would jump off and just wreak havoc on the 500 or so people who were at the show. If I was an unfortunate soul I would have taken my mauling like a man just for the comedy of it all. But it looked something like this:

Pretty crazy, in my opinion.
So, Nature Woman: Well done. Get back to posting. It's been three plus days. You're better than that..

2.) The Daily Meredith
Thus far this has been more or less a narration of daily activities. I appreciate autobiographical stories; they are generally difficult to write and can be embarrassing at times.
I've taken some heat from time to time from random folks feeling I don't show enough of what my true feelings are; that I waste too much time playing devil's advocate and providing social commentary that this little yellow notepad doesn't actually get to my own essence (my words, not theirs.) I say to these haters: Try is and see what it's like. It's not as easy as you seem to think it is.
So as for you, Meredith, I appreciate your openness and (at times) self-deprecating humor this early into the game. The thing to remember about embarrassing stories is that, oftentimes, it takes some shit to grow roses. Right? Right.

Well done thus far, ladies.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a hilarious movie. If you haven't seen it yet, see it. Same considerable amounts of profane, sexual innuendo which result in some form of self-discovery from an Apatow protagonist as any other of his movies, but it still provides many laughs. I'm going to assume that by now most everyone has seen the movie, so all I want to know (this is rhetorical so don't answer, jerks) is who possesses the ability to come up with a Dracula-themed rock opera performed by puppets (And people. But, mostly puppets)? ...Beer is good, people are crazy, I guess. That's all I'm really going to say on it. Cheers.

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