Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Spent the past weekend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was a swell time. Made the trip down Friday afternoon, starting in the sweltering heat but timing it right so that the last 40-50 miles or so it was relatively cool, comparatively at least. Nothing a few road sodas couldn't fix, right, Ma? I kid. But seriously..

And I have to say that driving to Portsmouth is about 600 times better than driving to Boston. I drove for a little over an hour, I got off the highway, and 2 minutes later I was parked, unmetered, and ready to go for the weekend. I don't care how many more people Boston has than Portsmouth, parking restrictions suck and they are the bane of my existence. I can handle decent drives, I can handle traffic, but what I can handle is having to park 60 fudging miles (give or take..) and 5 "towns" or whatever the fuck the different sections of greater Boston are called just so I can park on the street. That's horseshit, and another excellent reason to hate Assachusetts. Fucking Commonwealths. And I started by saying fudging because I'm trying to cut back on swearing. I guess Assacusetts just pushed the right buttons..

At any rate, a great time was had. Old roommates Ken and Noah can up and we stayed with Ken's brother and his excellent girlfriend about a mile and a half from downtown Portsmouth. Ken and I were in Portsmouth Friday night and I had my first experience playing "Apples to Apples." I caught on quickly because if there's one thing I am, it's creative humorous (to some) and inappropriate (to most) manner. And the only thing better than playing drinking games is playing drinking games with Mark and rocks. So Friday was a good night.

While I may ramble a bit here I just have to say that breakfast was a rewarding treat Saturday morning full of bacon and scrambled eggs cooked in the same pan but not at the same time. Bacon, then eggs. There's nothing better than eggs cooked with bacon grease. Seriously, nothing. That may explain how my waistline is slowing inching outward, but I really don't care about that. I didn't ramble. Nicely done.

Beach happened Saturday, following breakfast. First time hitting up the beach this summer, not that you'd guess that by looking at my sweet tan and hot bod (yes to the former, HAH! to the latter). I don't think I can burn anymore this summer, no matter how hard I could try to get one. I did attempt to get rid of my white man thighs but that wasn't very successful. To those of you who say I should wear more sunscreen I ask how you're going to feel when all of your magic potions are proven to cause cancer in 15 years. If I'm going to get it, I'll take my chances with the old fashioned way, thanks. And this isn't to say I don't wear sunscreen, it's just I don't wear it "as often as I should..."

Beach beverage of the week:

Firefly vodka with lemonade. A dirty Arnold Palmer, if you will (and I would, if I were you..). This is not to be confused with the John Daly, which is just lemonade with citrus vodka. Both are delicious, but I digress. If you haven't tried Firefly yet then you should. This little gem was shown to me by young Samuel during a trip south to VA. Slowly but surely it's made its way north. NH liquor stores have it stocked (this weekend was my second time purchasing it up this way) but I haven't checked Roopers yet or those types of places close to home.

My recommendation: Mix 50/50 over ice. Drink. Enjoy. Unreal concoction. Less sweet than Twisted Teas, but better at twisting. And make sure you don't skimp on the lemonade. This isn't jungle juice we're talking about here when you can drop in a $2 gallon of Hawaiian Punch and a dash of Tang and call it a day. Get Newman's Own, Simply Lemonade, or a comparable product. Juice from concentrate is for suckers. However, once you purchase the the good lemonade it is certainlyy OK to skimp on it when you're mixing.

I wasn't mad at the bar scene. Drinks were priced manageable. I wore my dancing shoes. A good time was had by all (well, I had a good time. So, that's all I can control..)

Quote of the week:
Delivered from Noah, in reference to me:
"You're life is like one walking "...that's what she said" joke."
He was serious. And rightfully so. There's something to what Ms. Lever and Harder say concerning my incessant movie/lyric/otherwise citations. And let me let you in on a little secret: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe go fuck yourself. (Departed). You're not wrong, you're just an asshole (Lebowski). This may be a bad habit that I have, but it's a bad habit that I enjoy having. So be it. But I and others (well, me specifically as a somewhat inside joke with how much Kath and Jenny are irritated by it..) certainly found it amusing.


Humorous and unrelated music video that needs no explanation other than to say I posted it because it's humorous and unrelated:

FUDGE! I hate when music videos cannot be embedded from youtube. Mr. Son of Bitch. The above video is unrelated, but certainly not humorous. For unrelatedness AND humor, see below. This is certainly not a fresh maker...

Well, Cheers anyways (and here's hoping for a reunion up here in September..)..

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