Sunday, August 9, 2009

"internet" sucks..

Well, not THE "internet," I guess. But my house connection has been misfiring lately which has made it rather difficult for me to post anything of significant substance. My parents haven't said anything directly but I know they blame me because they think it's due to my router set up. This is incorrect. It's due to Fairpoint Communications sucking balls.

It's not this! It's this!

About 70% of the time I've been home over the past week the "internet" has drifted in and out of consciousness. Which is the opposite of awesome for me, as I do not have a television in my room. Every now and then I head down to the BASSment but since the only thing to sit on is a bed I tend to fall asleep less than five minutes after turning the television on (Stripes was on last night. The first ten minutes were awesome, probably because I think that there is very little that's more sexy than a striking blonde wearing only a men's buttondown shirt. Sue me. I guess I'll have to see the other two hours and twenty minutes another time before I make a final judgment on the movie. Stay tuned, I'll come back to this in three days to five years..). This doesn't bother me.

So, that's how I've been living for the last week or so. Whatever.

Have a fun Monday. Cheers.

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