Monday, August 31, 2009

As you settle into work Monday morning..

Remember this, my friends:
Either you want it..

or you don't..
The choice is yours.

You can..
a) Have the opportunity to say "Want some ice?" and proceed to pour diamonds into a martini glass.

b) Or realize money causes problems. Hence on the course Mr. Daddy is only wearing two golf gloves, rather than the usual three most people wear while playing.
If this isn't the next Choose Your Own Adventure premise (probably number 9856 in the series but I doubt they can fit four numbers on the spine..) then I'll be shocked. Cheers (and PS: I'm noticing this blog makes no sense as I finish it. Do me a favor and just enjoy some moderately old school beats as you begin your work week. I know Mase Gumbel will be if he's reading the 'pad this morning..).

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