Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kicking it old school...

"Internet is still down at mi casa. An ISP switch is in the works...but I can't begin to describe how difficult it is to decide on a new "internet" provider is...without having access to the "internet." Eff. So I decided to throw it back and my alma mater's library for the afternoon. Ya. Is this awesome or pathetic? I'm not sure, I'd say pick'em right now. And seeing that I went to the library all of about 10 times during my academic career to use a computer if this "internet" sitch isn't resolved soon and I end up here over the next two weeks more than I was over my four years in school I think I'll be leaning more towards the pathetic side..

I haven't worked this week. I'd like to have called it a vacation but it was much more of work falling through (I would have much rather been working, believe it or not because when I'm working at least my folks feel that I'm contributing in some manner. When I don't I do absolutely nothing and while I'd like to believe they're not judging me I know that they're judging me..) so I've spent the last four days being an absolute slug. Monday I tried to watch Waking Life, which I had wanted to see for awhile and found used a couple of months ago but hadn't quite found the time in my busy schedule to watch it. It proved a little too existential for a Monday at 11am and I drifted back to sleep on my living room floor within 20 minutes of putting it on, slipping in and out of sleep until it finished and I woke back up to the menu screen repeating the same tune every 10 seconds. Eerily similar to the movie I'd say, at least from what I could gather from the first 20 minutes I was with it. O well, another day I'll get through it, I'm sure.

Many would say I should have used my days off to pursue constructive tasks like finishing my resume. Really, JUST finishing my resume. But I don't think I'm able to work without having distractions. Seriously, it's gotten that bad. When I'm at a computer I don't know how to function without the "internet." I'm a sad, pathetic human being. This is troubling. Well, it will be troubling until I get the 'net back at home and then I can pretend this period of time which opened my eyes to just how dependant I have become on instant knowledge can be forgotten and I can go back to the status quo. Ya, that sounds better. Either that or I need to find a doctor to say I have adult ADD that will give me good drugs. I don't like drugs and I believe that the overmedicalization our society has bought into with a pill to solve everything will ultimately lead us down a road to destruction, but since I KNOW this and would not lie to myself and say that these drugs will solve all of my problems that I could be trusted to use them appropriately. With great power comes great responsibility, right? This is really moot, because without health insurance there's no way I'll be seeing a doctor or filling a script any time soon. So I'll just throw this tidbit in my back pocket and save it for later..


While I haven't been using my computer for productive means lately I have been leaving iTunes on,playing at random while I lay about and that always proves a good time. I enjoy keeping it on random until an artist I haven't heard in awhile comes on and I say to myself (well, usually aloud because my odd habit of talking to myself at length has come back to life) "I haven't heard much (fill in said artist here) in awhile. Let's listen."

My act of the week has been Harry Chapin. I don't have a lot of his studio albums (just one, if I recall correctly from here) but I do have two of his live collections and I enjoy them both very much. He's a singer/songwriter from the 70's and many of his songs are more narratives than true songs. Onstage he's also quite a storyteller as he likes to talk about the subjects of many of his songs at length prior to their beginning. It can grow old at times but I guess it's his schtick and it seemed to work well for him.

Anyways this is one of my Harry Chapin favorites, titled "A Better Place to Be." It's been a facebook profile staple for quite some time now, though I doubt many people know where it came from without googling it. "Cat's in the Cradle" is a classic tune and I'm a fan but for whatever reason I'm drawn to the little man. If you've got ten minutes to kill then enjoy, it's worth it:

This is really all I've got for today. If you enjoy this try "Taxi," too. It's also a keeper.

Cheers (o, and PS: I left my headphones at home so I have absolutely no idea if this audio is decent quality or not. Though respectively, 80,000 and 460,000 people gives me a hint they're not that bad..).

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