Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming Soon

Picked up Chinese Democracy today at Bull Moose. I don't have a quality CD player at the house anymore, my old reliable stopped reading discs about 3 years ago so I had to import it as .wav files to make sure I kept the high fidelity...Axl would appreciate this. Liner notes are impressive, that's about all I've gotten through thus far. Plan to listen tomorrow Sunday morning, and into the afternoon if the fooseball games are shitty. Stay tuned, I'm pretty excited to hear it. Made an impulse buy of Lies used, too. It's kind of cheesy because they add crowd noise to the first 4 tracks and tried to pass it off as a live performance when they first released it, but closing with Patience, Used to Love Her, You're Crazy, and One in a Million make it more than worth the $5.97 i had to pay.

Sam hates when I do this but Mr. Deeds was just on and it made me think of Adam Sandler movies and a hilarious outtake from Punch Drunk Love involving one of the best actors of the last 10 years, Philip Seymore Hoffman. The dedication he shows to to his craft is remarkable and will keep him on top for years to come...though I guess not in this case...cheers.

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