Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Karma good, or Karma bad?

So, today I was leaving the office to run a couple errands and I step into the Blue bird for the quick trip around town. Wow, it's a nice night, I think out loud (I talk to myself a lot. I'm isolated in my office. And I usually have funny things on my mind. And I always think I'm funny, so deal with it.). Unlock the door. Talk a seat on the well maintained blue cloth. Key into the ignition. Step on brake. Step on clut::POP:: Clutch cable is no more. Horseshit.

Haha, but the thing is, I don't know whether to blame the bird or blame myself...I go on a walk down memory lame thinking back to all the good times I have with the Red Dragon less than a week ago, show it some love and get it back on the road, take it on a Sunday drive this past weekend...what was the bird to think? She must've know, she must have seen me smiling when I used a half inch of snow as an excuse to drive the dragon to work on Monday instead of her...

But at the same time, maybe I just got lucky that I finally got the dragon back on the road, and now I'll finally be motivated to get some other work done on the bird, too. I mean, hell, I changed her headlights on Saturday, she must know I love here...right?


I'm also too lazy to throw another post up tonight, so this is on a completely unrelated note. Just found this link pretty amusing after noticing how many folks in the 'real world' (it's like 'real america,' if you're living in the 'real world,' you know it and won't hesitate to tell everyone else you're living in the 'real world' while belittling anyone who you feel is not living in the 'real world.' Just to be clear, I don't believe in the 'real world,' and not just because no one belives me to be living in the 'real world.' Life is what you make of it, stop bitching because you made yourself a shitty life and have bills to pay. I live with my parents...I like my parents but who's got it bad now? But I digress...) spend far too much time cruising the internet and wankering off rather than just getting down to business and pounding out work. If traditional education in schools and college really teaches you anything it would be the fine arts of procrastination and recovery. While this is a seasonal article based on a Thanksgiving day at work I think we all know many of the events poke up most Fridays for a variety of reasons (read: booze). But that's just my $.02, enjoy it for yourself. cheers.

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  1. i commend you on using the phrases "pounding out", "wankering off", and "getting down to business" all in the same sentence and somehow making it work without being R rated. impressive

    on a side note, i laughed at that link. whats even funnier is to point out they no longer can call themselves investment bankers considering they now work for bank holding companies. really pisses them off.