Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Closing the year on a good note...

So when I went to Boston to visit Kath and company around Thanksgiving I received a kick in the balls Monday afternoon when I made it back to where my car was parked and found a lovely orange note from the Boston Police Department thanking me for my stay and requesting $40 for parking in a residential zone...Kath lives in Alston or Balston or Brighton or Bridgeton or some other communist municipality in "Boston" where on street parking is not permitted so I had to park the Blue Angel in the middle of Godknowswhere no less than 3 miles from where my head rested every evening I was down there. So needless to say I was pissed, threw the love note in the back seat and drove off. Forty mothertrucking dollars for a parking ticket?! I wasn't in a handicapped zone, I wasn't in a fire lane, I wasn't parked in a drive thru line at Wendy's, I was on the side of a street in a quiet community.

So, per usual I made it home and forgot about it until about 2 hourse before I was headng to VA and three days before the ticket was due. And then I had an idea...why not be a subtler "spider guy..." I've made my appreciation for the spider guy apparant so I decided to write the city of Boston a kindly worded letter that conceded I was in the wrong but would like to be forgiven because I'm an out of stater and I actually hate the city of Boston and would prefer to never reside there. But I said it nicely, and the city came through by dismissing my violation. I'm not mad at that...

Also, I apologize for always seeming to write blogs very closely together and then sitting with a thumb up my ass for the next three days. Just, to be honest I don't really do much and when inspiration sparks I don't pour water, I pour gas and fan the flames. Straight brain dumps and random ass streams of conciousness is all I can really provide, like it or not. However, if you have some asinine topic you would like to hear me rant on you just let me know and I will see what I can do. I'm a giver, really. Cheers.

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