Monday, December 8, 2008

GREAT start to a week...

Thrilled to be in the office right now...wait, now, I'm not because I've been here since 7:30...on a Monday morning...Yes, I'm not happy.

House sitting all week staring this morning which is always nice, but I had to get up at 6 so I could swing by on my way to the office and walk Erine and give him his breakfast because I had to be at Bates for an 8am CPR and first aid recertification...o wait, no, I got the cancellation email 3 minutes after I booted up my computer after getting into the office...24 minutes before the start of the class...are you kidding me?

I mean, I live in Auburn, it's a 10 minute drive so whatever. But I'm sure other coaches not in season who drove from 30 minutes away won't be able to handle it as professionally as I am. The best part is the class got rescheduled for tomorrow...awesome, I wanted to get to the office before 8am two consecutive days in a row...for the first time in, well, ever.

In other more interesting news, The Aaron Rodger's Champion Ships (aka WinnerWinner ChickenDinners, aka Tony Homo and His Friends, aka The Matt Schaub All-Stars, aka Brady Quinn's Hype Machine, aka Aaron Rodger's RESURGENCE, aka (Players to be Named Later)'s, aka Matt Capone's It Only Takes 9's, aka JonnyFairplay's Baseball Team) has found its way back to the promised land. After an up-and-down 3-3 start the boys rallied around an injury to Tomy Romo and Matt Schaub steered the Ship to where it is today...staring down an Auburn Football League Championship next weekend. Bring on the Fletch-Cats (shitty name, I know...)

I was going to throw up an old video from youtube called Quantum Boggs, where Wade Boggs goes back in time to help Dan Marino win the '85 Super Bowl...but it's a 10 minute video and only the first 4 minutes are hilarious. The last 6 are awful and really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But this, on the other hand, is a gem from the '04-'05 season and I really wish I could say I saw this live. I could watch this 1000 times in a row and still think it was funny the 1001st.

on that note, happy Monday...


  1. coming from Boomer Essiason? the look on Marino's face is pricesless and how does Dan not come back with somehting? I mean Boomer played on the Bengals who correct me if I'm wrong were average at best. Boomer career record 80-93. Marino 147-93.

  2. Are those stats made up too Lawler? and BTW, why was I a little worried about the possibility of playing you in the first round?