Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome back

Hello all. I apologize for not having anything to say recently, I've been battling a pretty significant food-borne illness which swept through the Capone household in the wake of Christmas morning. Luckily, my immune system was (somehow...after Christmas Day...) strong enough to not succumb to said illness until the wee hours of of the morn on December 27th, following a joyous and gay time caroling and carousing over the river and through the woods from Portland to Auburn and in and around those two fine towns. Those of you who were there for the duration or who ran into us over the course of the evening feel free to smile now. Those of you were were not fortunate enough to cross our path, let me apologize because you will never understand. Just another example of how otherworldly the young adult folks from Auburn, Maine are. Per usual, we are playing Battleship while the other young whippersnappers today are playing Connect 4.

In other news I have no plans for New Years, 50/50 on me even making it out as of 12:30pm Monday. If you have interesting ideas please feel free to let me know. Also I'm pretty sure I'll end up in the Bean this weekend - I need to see The Wrestler ASAP - so I may be contacting some of you in the area to line up a couch to crash on. I appreciate your hospitality in advance.

As I said on Christmas Day and haven't yet reiterated like I had hoped to, in all seriousness it was great to see everyone who was/is home for the holiday. It was a special and memorable few days and I know soon enough it will be our last big one together. If it turns out to be the case that this year was it I'm glad we went out in white, 14 passenger style. I love you all. Cheers.

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