Saturday, November 29, 2008

So, this is Thanksgiving...

So as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close I'd just like to reminisce on the good times which always seem to occur when everybody returns to the good 'ole A-U-B for a couple days of debauchery. The first thanks must go to Jeff Campbell, because without his generosity the Auburn party scene would be vastly different. That house is legendary, has been that way for almost 9 years now, and I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be more of the same as Christmas approaches...

I don't know whether to punch or thank Beaver Lever for her unannounced gift which she felt necessary to bring to Campbell's house Wednesday night and throw down an unspoken challenge for me to wear said gift for the remainder of the evening. This gift will neither be given a name nor described further than me saying it was an apron. A Patriots apron, not a Giants apron...but I guess that was neither here nor there when it's all put into perspective. But I'm pretty sure everyone at Gritty's appreciated it. Thanks to those of you who kicked a dollar or two to "bet" me to wear it in...the only thing that taste better than beer is free beer.

Thanks also to Mr. Skip for starting our turkey at 5:30am for absolutely no reason. Nothing like rolling out of bed at 10:45 Thanksgiving morning and having a golden brown turkey on your kitchen table. I wasn't mad about that. Good form.

Last but not least, cudo's to CBS for getting Andy Rooney on air to lay into corporate America about holiday sales starting long before Thanksgiving even gets here. Mr Rooney believes it should be a law that bans Christmas displays in stores until December 1st. Now that would be something to be thankful for... cheers.

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