Friday, November 7, 2008

It happens...

So yesterday was Thursday, which clearly meant I was going to have a couple of drinks. With Campbell unemployed he was obviously interested, so in trying something new (because i had a gift certificate) we went to Espo's to have a couple of drinks and some slices of pizza pie. First off we get fucked because we order a pizza for 15 bucks, then we see the specials on the board and they have twin lobsters for $11. Sonofabitch. But that's neither here nor there, I just would have appreciated having a waitress who would actually tell us the specials. Anyway.

The hostess who seated us and got us our first drink was a lewsiton dime piece. 5'6", fit. nice smile, little fuck me glasses, and what was most impressive is she seemed happy with her job and was smiling. That's something you don't see every day. But, both Shawn and I were taken by her, but we both lack confidence and don't have the stones to just call her back over and ask her about her situation. So after the meal and a couple Jack & Cokes my internal monologue says "Fuck it, if you don't weigh in, you don't wrassle." I pull our waitress aside and ask about the fine young woman in the black top who seated us. Her response was...

"Umm, yeah. I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend...yes, she does...and just so you know, I think she's kind of young..."

Whoops. Needless to say Shawn had to hustle to down his drink so I wouldn't make a scene breaking into hysterics inside. I'm a gamer so I was able to make it outside before I started laughing uncontrollably. We didn't see that coming. Another fine evening in the AUB.

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