Sunday, November 2, 2008

0 for 2

My collegiate Halloween costumes were legendary...that goes without saying. However, last year, my first year out I had no motivation to continue. Same went for costume ideas hit the proverbial shit fan when I cut the flow and could no longer typecast myself as a popular longhair (while never resorting to the lame-ass Jesus getup.). That's a niche market few can capture without selling out and wearing a wig. Wigs? that shit's baby food. So at any rate it appears I've found my link to Sampson, the mythical legend who lost his strength when he cut his hair...I've lost my Halloween mojo. And let's be serious, it's not like I'm pulling any tail right now either, so Halloween is a cheap excuse to get boozed up and grab ass. But my commitment to a legitimate costume has clearly caused me major hickups. As I attempt to bring the flow back I'll have to see if I can fix my feelings of costume inadequacies by next October 31st. My sources say I'll get the ship righted.

Sitting on my ass both Friday and Saturday nights stone sober (outside of a couple road sodas on the way home from the xc meet, but, c'mon, backroads on a Saturday afternoon? You know those are coming out. But that's neitehr here nor there.), I was able to watch some good and some so bad it's good TV. New favorite hour of television It's Always Sunny and Philadelpia and Testees were not as good as advertised this week. I was unimpressed.

Also watched one very good movie Thank You For Smoking, and one so bad it's good movie: Beer Leauge. And concerning Beer League...why the fuck in every movie that has a salty old man he has to end up dead? Dodgeball? Patches...dead. Old School? Blue...dead. Beer League...needless to say Dirt ends up dead. And if you've never seen it, let me quote Gump..."I'm sorry I ruined your New Year's Eve party, Lieutenant Dan. She tasted like cigarettes."

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