Monday, November 3, 2008

Purple Tuesday

Said yesterday I'd go political today, so here it is. I currently dislike both Obama and McCain on the whole. Obama is untested and more of an ideal than an actual candidate. McCain seemed like a good choice until he went all Christian-right and alienated independent voters and picked Palin for his running mate. If this was a McCain-Lieberman ticket for the Republicans I'd be driving old folks to the polls tomorrow to vote for those two...but that's not the case. In my heart of hearts I'm a libertarian. Give me roads. Give me safe borders. Call it a day. Lack of government is the best government. Which is why is puckers up my butthole to vote for "the idea" of Obama, a man who has successfully aquired absolutely no record on any issues while he's been in political office. But Bob Barr as a Libertarian candidate? Former prosecuter who led the War On Drugs for 10 years through the 90's? To you, sir, I say, "C'mon." So Obama it is. That and I am a strong supporter of pro-choice, and a vote for McCain will be a vote to restrict civil liberties. Let our folks do what they want.

Senate race is a waste of time, of course I'm voting for Susan Collins. WHile it should be reason enough to vote against Allen because he's a Bowdoin grad, I don't have to because Collin's record and her level of respect within the Senate speaks for itself. Keep the good work coming.

Mike Michaud is still my vote in the House. Voted for him last time and he's done nothing to lose my vote since then. The fact I haven't received a single piece of mail from him is also a plus. I like the confidence he demonstrated by not even bothering to campaign.

Maine State Senate will be an authoritative vote for Lois Snowe-Mello. Deb Simpson wasted far too much paper in her campaign, which makes me want to puke. I've been receiving two flyers a week for the past two months...with nothing of substance on any of them. Not just cheap 8.5'x11" recycled paper, but heavy duty glossy cardstock. This blatant waste does not fly with me so I will vote for the incubant with a record of reigning in spending within the state.

Maine House District 70...this is a tough call. I know it's district 70 because Panthea Burns stopped by my parents house Saturday afternoon in an effort to get out the vote...and didn't endorse herself other than introducing herself. I like that confidence. I liked it so much I wished her luck. That sold me.

Ballot Issues:
1. aka the tax issue. I'll be voting for the veto. Dirigo is a flawed program that has not been successfully implemented. Taxing my beer is not the way to go about it. I'm not fed up with taxes, but I don't want my tax dollars going to a flawed program.

2. aka the casino issue. I'm against it, but not because I'm terribly opposed to casinos. I have a sneaking suspicison the taxes paid by the casinos will end up right in the pockets of the poor Mainer morons who gamble well above their finances, but I can look past that to the wording of the ballot issue. This would limit the state to one casino. If we want to go down this road let's be f'ing Vegas. Don't limit it to one casino in Maine, that's poppycock. rewrite the law then we'll talk. After shitting on the natives since we came across the pond, I think it's time to let the do what they want with the shitty scraps we've given them back.

3. Bond issue for drinking water. I like drinking water, I'm in. and bond issues allow for the maintainence of roads and other public necessities, and that's all I really care about in government. Give me roads. Protect my borders. Let me do what I want. I vote yes. Cheers.

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