Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Celtic Pride

On a complete tangent that results from Pierce nailing a game-winning 18 foot rainbow with :00.5 left on the clock...If you haven't watched a Celt's game yet this year...get your ass in gear! Just make sure it's a home game...Tommy doesn't seem to be traveling this year, and Mike Gorman and (insert random warm body here) are nobodies. Nothing screams blatant homerism like Tommy Heinson, and that my friends, is true Boston sports.

And c'mon, after the last two games you're not fired up? That shit's baby food. NBA: Where Paul Pierce happens. Have a Pepsi Max or something and wake up, people.

On a side note...Pierce has put up more points in each of his last two games than Campbell has put up in each of his last two weeks in the Auburn Football League. Is Paul Pierce just that amazing, or is Campbell just that inept ("NBA: Where Paul Pierce ouscores Campbell's fantasy football team on a nightly basis happens," anyone...)? The jury may still be out on that, but stay tuned...

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  1. no CMA commentary? don't tell me you missed country's biggest night