Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Notepad > The Stool

Many of you know I don't like to toot my own horn. But some of you may have noticed I beat the 'stool in publicly appreciating David Thorn and his spider currency antics by a day or two. While I stole this story from a comment section on the 'stool, I hope you're all able to see I aim to please. I knew in my heart of hearts this was going to be a hit, and the kind of humor my dear friends would appreciate. This was just too funny to resist. (toot, toot!)

I'd also like to use this as a time to announce the passing of the hilarious This blog has been around for a few years and basically just shit on commentators and sportswriters who spew garbage and misinformation with no disregard whatsoever. Washington needs watchdogs like this (I know, I know, Washington does have watchdogs like this. And in Washington, like the media, no one listens to them. If the media listened to, I can guarantee you that cock knocker Jay Mariotti would be out of a job. That guy is just awful. But I digress...). But, if you have a minute (or half a day at the office) to waste check it out and some of their past stories they write some good stuff. They claim they're done, but I could see a little MJ with the Wizards in their future. There will always be a market for them because sportscasters and writers will always spew 2500 words of garbage when 200 words of fact would do. And that's my 2 cents...

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