Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crap (or Not? Jury's still out...)

So this day has just gone to shit. Matt Schuab got hurt for my fantasy team and has put a damper on any hopes I have for knocking off young Samuel Fletcher and giving him his first loss on the year. It's one thing if I leave points on the bench. That's my own fault and I can wear that. But getting injured? C'mon. And Matt Schaub? David Carr starts as a rookie, gets absolutely pummeled for 5 or 6 years and doesn't miss a game. He sucked 97% of the time and probably didn't deserve his starting job, but he didn't miss a god damn game. Now this jerkus has missed or left 3 games in his first 8 starts this year...lock it up and get your shit together, man.

Track starts Wednesday, too. Am I prepared? No. Let's just leave it at that...

Having just gone on that tirade above, The Matt Schaub All-Stars are up 39 points over the Fletch-Cats at the conclusion of the Sunday afternoon contests. The younger, better looking GM of the 'Cats has Randall "Straight Cash Homie" Moss tonight and Clinton "aka Southeast Jerome, aka Coach Janky Spanky, aka Bro Sweets, aka Choo-Choo, aka Sheriff Gonnagetcha, aka Dr. Do-itch Big, aka Dolemite Jenkins, aka Bud Foxx" Portis on Monday Night Football. Big Ben needs to not get a hard on during pre game and play well...but let's just say 40 isn't a long shot with those two characters in the mix.

Close to 8, Indy-Pats can wait since the G-men kicked ass today, I'm watching the Simpson's Halloween Special. Peace, I'm out.

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  1. Big Bud Fox is going to have a blowout game tonight, sending the Fletch-Cats into triple digits.

    When are you coming down to UVA??