Friday, November 14, 2008

Fell on Black Days

So, this is my first retort to comments, and I really didn't expect to bother with this...but it's Thursday and this post may be caused by my weekly Gipper's night. Though in truth this Gipper's night saw only 5 minutes of Gippers and then ventured from Applebee's to Margarita's to the Goose because Gip's has the NFL network so it was packed and I was pissed come 8:15pm when I remembered this crucial tidbit of information as I pulled into a packed parking lot...but I digress. Margarita's had the game on so I saw most the second half and OT there which made me warm and fuzzy inside because now I'm pretty sure my Giants have this league on lock; but, again, that's neither here nor there.

I did not watch the CMA's last night because the Celts were playing the Hawks in a key early season match up...CMA's vs. Celts/Hawks?...that's not even up for debate. Game was an instant classic, too, so I had no reason to change the channel once it was locked in on Comcast Sports New England. This also may have been a result of the Blue Bird's CD (that's compact dics, they came out prior to Ipods and provide better quality audio than the mp3 or AAC format. Still nowhere near the warmth of LP's, but I'm pretty sure no one reading this appreciates LP's so this will fall on deaf ears...) player recently finding old Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. I couldn't say I was ever truly interested in the grunge sound when it came out...but that was 1990-1994 and I was 7-10 at the time. Sue me. But over the last few months I've found it powerful. If it wasn't for heavy, heavy intravenous drug use Layne Staley may have been viewed in the same light as Robert Plant and Mick Jagger (the key being neither of the latter died of chronic heroin use). But this period of heavy, heavy drug use produced heavy, heavy, guitar riffs, and that has intrigued lately. Country has been on the back burner. Grunge, (and 98.9WCLZ, mainly Sarah Barellis and Grace Potter, two fine female songwriters who have ABSOLUTELY no link to the aforementioned artists but shut up they're good) have been where my musical interests have been positioned since August. Toss on Dirt and you'll see what I'm getting at...

As far as Fantasy Football goes...I mentioned the good old days. And those were the good old days. Some people (Jaguars fans from New England) know their season is over before it begins, so all they have to look forward to is rooting for players who don't play in Florida and gloating when the Pat's don't win the 1-in-32 lottery that is the Super Bowl Championship. I don't like fantasy football because I appreciate the game for what it is...EVERYTHING(Other than Oakland, AL Davis needs to quit)! A 14-10 battle against two power running and defensive juggernauts in just as impressive as a 42-41 shootout, because they are both exactly what the game should be. I just don't want to sweat over either all fall for a measly 20 bucks. I'm not filthy rich; but, bitches, I'm barely broke. My point: Raise the stakes or our league will continue being treated as dated in this day and age (Sam will still compete because he's greedy, and Nick will still compete because the winner's share will buy him 5 lap dances. Campbell will still compete, but his efforts are in futility and I'll be the first to say I have no problem taking Jeff's money from his 2-7, unemployed ass. I'll end on that...still in parentheses...SHOOTER!).

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  1. 5 lap dances? i plan to collect my winnings and head to DiConzo's in Rumford and get 50 lapdances, can't beat $2 lap dances esp. in this economic downturn.