Thursday, March 4, 2010

28 Days Later..

Apparently I've been down here for a month.  I guess it feels that way...the days have kind of run together.  On one hand I've done a lot - I've gotten a job, a place to live, transportation, started getting back in shape and I feel healthy for the first time in awhile.  On the other hand, there are different fingers.  I've really only seen a little bit of Kahuliu, the city where the airport is, the first day I landed and I needed to walk to a bar to occupy time until I could get picked up, and I've cruised through some of Lahaina and seen some of the beaches just north of Lahaina around Kapalua.  Outside of my first day I've seen maybe 10 miles of Maui in a month, which seems a little lame.  It's easy to be lazy here.  Lazy may not even be the most correct word.  Just when there's a choice between riding your bike 10 miles then doing a hike, or riding your bike a half mile to go to a beautiful beach it seems the beautiful beach wins out a fair amount of the time.  So be it..

I've also been trying to be a little conservative with my spending as before I left I hadn't worked for awhile and call me a tightwad but I don't enjoy the idea of spending money I don't have.  TAKE NOTES, OBAMA & CONGRESS.  But this more or less means I haven't gone out to dinner a lot and haven't had a lot of nights out at the bar slugging brews.  This really isn't different than home where I'd go out on Thursdays and suck'em down and then go out on a regular priced night and have one or's just basic economics.  Now that I started working at Hula Grill I get half priced meals and reduced drinks there and at a couple of other restaurants owned by the same company, which is just swell.

I'd like to think quite soon I'll be getting out and doing some things more.  Samm-O and one of J.Mac's friends should be coming out next week so having egasoline-powered transportation should allow me to see some new sights.  This excites me.  Some of my laziness is self-inflicted, as I genuinely enjoy reading in the sun.  If I have a good book to read then I see that as being a fine afternoon.  I justify these days by saying I'm not trying to "rush things," and I'm just taking it "one day at a time."  Which are both true - I expect to see most everything before I get off this hunk of magma.  Now that I'm working things should start coming together nicely.  It's repulsive that I'm excited about getting into a regular work routine.  No one should be this excited about going to work and wiping down tables and picking up finished plates.  Yikes..

The rain this week has been kind of shitty, too, which has provided more excuses to stay inside.  I don't want to leave my room just to get soaked.  That's lame.  If the wetaher looks like it's going to hold off Friday then I think I'm going to take a bus to Kahului to see Crazy Heart.  I wanted to see it before I left but I didn't have time when I was in Greater Boston...I had a turkey dinner with Ma and Pa to get home to that Sunday.  So that should be a nice day.  I'd like to get a wristwatch, too, as cellphones are stritcly prohibited on the floor at my office, and I'm sure I could start timing my runs, too.  There's a Wal-Mart in Kahului, too, so even though I hate the idea of Wal-Mart when I come down with a case of myfundsislow I'll go to desperate measures to get by.  I'm also just kind of interested to see if the Wal-Mart here presents an opportunity for significant savings or not.  We'll call it a field trip for research gathering purposes.

On the whole, Preparation H has been a good plan thus far.  I've got no complaints.  As March rolls into April and April into May I expect to see more and do more.  But this is defintely a very appropriate setting for one of my Grampa's favorite quotes:

What can be put off until tomorrow can be put off until the day after tomorrow.

Truer words have never been spoken.  Love you, Grampa.


I'm still on the Bonnaroo email list so I still get random ass emails from them concerning tickets and other things they have going on.  Most of it is crap but A couple of days ago they had a promotion going on in conjuction with Music for Action in support of a climate change bill that's in front of Congress right now. If you "send a letter" (the site does it all for you) to your Senator you can download a Best of Bonnaroo sampler with artists from the past couple of years.  There are 17 tracks and it's pretty tasty.  Gov't Mule, Phish, Jack Johnson, Wilco, Phil Lesh & Friends, O.A.R. and some others have contributed tracks.  You don't have to do the letter sending thing to get the free tracks, but to me it seemed like the right thing to do.  Go environment.  Go Music.  Go Bonnaroo.  And anything that has "Banks of the Deep End" is A-OK in my book.

Also on the subject of music festivals I'm a little steamed that this is the year Maine decided to get in on the act, with a three day event around July 4th that has The Flaming Lips as headliners.  Fuck you, Maine.  I leave and you don't get snow all month and now you get The Flaming Lips playing Dark Side of the Moon.  Have I talked about this already?  I very well might have.  But Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are playing too, as are some other acts like Phil Lesh & Bob Weir's new band Furthur and moe. and Keller Williams.  And, hell, it's 20 minutes away.  F.  O well.  I'm over it.  But if you're in Maine with nothing to do around the 4th I'd say check it out - I've heard the Lips stage shows are wild.


More Tsunami Hoopla

This is a song written by Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, right after a tsunami hit Indonesia and the proceeds were used for relief efforts.  Luckily, this is not what happened to Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean this time around.  And hopefully it never does.

Also, take note: I was, in fact, prepared.  First days of school and first toots-nami's look about the same..


I really don't have anything else to say, but that tsunami topic turned into kind of a drag so let me see if I can Oreo method something funny here so I can leave you with a smile.  I got here 28 days ago...and I still haven't done laundry yet.  Haven't even thought about it.  Okay, I've thought about it but I'm pretty lazy and I don't know if I have a full load of clothes yet.  My total wear: about seven shirts and five pairs of shorts.  Three pairs of boxer briefs, though two are Under Armour and must have magical properties because they're still 100% fresh and clean.  And two pairs of socks.  Well, three.  I wore a pair of socks on the plane.  Then I've had my running socks and now my work socks.  Don't judge me.  It's all good.  I may look to throw a load in one of these days.  I just want to make sure I have a full load, of course.  Going to the beach on the regular just doesn't involve all that much clothing, and the clothing you do wear can be worn over, and over, and over, and over, and over

I'm a scrub.  I'm fine with it.  Cheers.

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