Monday, March 22, 2010

Ups, Downs, Lefts, Rights, all along the center line..

I guess I'm settled here because I've got the ups-and-downs like you read about, just the same as I would back home.  This morning I woke up feeling stellar, even though I worked until about 11 the night before.  I was pretty stoked to work again and see my schedule for this week.  Then I checked my email and saw my schedule for this week...and my hours were down a little bit so I got steamed.  Not like and end of the world steamed, but I was hoping to be able to bust ass for a month or so and make some good loot before I went on cruise control.  Now it looks like the cruising will begin for the week.

 BUT then I called Jon's roommate and picked up one of his shifts for tomorrow so everything was gravy again.

BUT THEN I was throwing my work shirt on and a button fell off because it's a cheap piece of shit and it got me steamed because the fucker cost me $32 and the button didn't last three weeks.  F-You, Cintas.  Cintas: The [shitty] Uniform People.

BUT THEN I got to work and things went pretty smoothly and it was pretty low key,which was a nice way to spend the day

BUT THEN about an hour before I was to finish ANOTHER F-ING COLORING MARKER leaked onto my shirt pocket and RUINED my shirt again.  So I had G-D red marker on my shirt for the rest of my shift, but luckily I hid it from the managers because if they had seen it they might have made me buy another shirt.  So that was a lucky break, but still made for a pretty shitty end to the day.

BUT THEN after I ate my free burger and I was walking to my bike bumming about my shitty, missing buttoned shirt I got a call from an old friend I hadn't heard from in awhile and we talked for a half hour or 40 minutes or so and I smiled quite a bit so things were back good again.  While I was yalking I was laid out on some grass staring at the West Maui moutains, which were clear.  It always makes me happy when they're clear because you can see the topography so well and I just think it looks wicked cool.  Another killer sunset made for a pretty good hour or so right there.

BUT THEN I realized I had to buy thread and a needle and a brush to scrub my shirt, which pissed me off.  But when I got to the supermarket on my way home there was a killer sale on peanut butter and bread, so I scooped up some provisions for the week and that was pretty solid, even though I still needed to buy a needle and thread and a scrub brush while I was there.

BUT THEN I got home and turned my computer on so I could see what time Crazy Heart was set to play at this week because I have Tuesday off so I thought that would be a perfect day to cruise to Kahului to finally see it...and it's no longer playing on the island.  Tuesday = ruined.  Now I'm kicking myself for being so lazy last week.  Ya, it's just a movie, but I really wanted to see it.  Nicholas: if you find another dvd bootlegger in Chinatown you'd make my day if you could find a copy and send it out.   It'd put a big, fat smile on my face.

SO NOW I have Tuesday off with nothing to do.  THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.  I'm guessing I'll do...absolutely nothing and just lie by the beach with a book and thencruise south to Lahaina and hit up a happy hour.  Some life, eh?

Clearly I'm pretty bipolar because everything is either "THIS IS SO GREAT I LOVE IT HERE AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK," or it's "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING BUSSING TABLES WITH A GOOD DEGREE AND GOOD EXPERIENCE IN MY BACK POCKET?"  There really is no middle ground in my brain, haha.  But as I assess times here and times at home I really feel like I'm Jerry Seinfeld in that episode where he decides he always breaks even.  Like, George loses $20 but Elaine finds $20 she forgot in a coat, etc.  Shit just balances out for him, as it generally seems to for me.  There are good days, hours, and minutes, and bad ones of each, too.  What's the point; the bad days really shouldn't be sweated on for too long, I guess.  And when the shit piles up, I'll just look at the view.  Cheers.

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