Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks for reading, folks

As February has now closed and March has begun I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank my friends and family who check this lil' 'Pad out every once in awhile.  February overwhelmingly drew my most visits for a month in the sixteen month-ish history of the 'Pad.  Yes, I do keep track of shit like that, first crudely with arithmetic in my head and for the past six months I've used a program developed by Google to track visits, pageviews, etc.  If you weren't already aware I have no life then I think you should be able to get the idea now.

February saw 667 visits and 1002 pageviews.  Not to shabby for some halfwit's mental dribble, if I do say so myself.

Thanks, and keep reading..


One for the road:

This is old business but I've been meaning to get this up for awhile.  Right before I skipped town I went down to Greater Boston for a couple of days to see some folks and I went out and about with some friends from Bates.  This was the evening when I didn't realize John Harvard's was a bar.  F me.

At any rate we  had to take a cab home home, as Boston sucks and the T shuts down at midnight or some shit and the bars stay open until, well, after midnight, as far as I can ever remember when I'm down there.  In the cab on the way home we decided to order some greasy, MSG-laden Chinese food because it's just so damn good going down and sometimes it's nice to make a hung over morning the following day THAT MUCH WORSE.  We love using good judgment...NO WE DON'T.  I DEMAND IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION.  I WANT IT NOW AND LOTS OF IT.

Anyways, Noah calls up wherever for delivery and places a serious order and due to raucous noise in the cab the person taking the order was unable to hear Noah's address clearly.  So this occurred:

Noah: Vassal St.
(Noah stares ahead, drunk focus in full effect)
Noah: No, VASSAL ST.
(Noah's still staring ahead, drunk focus still in effect)

Realizing the error of his ways, we all laugh.  The cabbie laughed the hardest.

It was that kind of night.  Cheers.


  1. Good news: I just found out that the Pad is no long on the list of blocked websites at BAC.

  2. I want a shout out sometime soon Capone.