Thursday, March 18, 2010

So I was mistaken

Today was St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't think it was on the 15th but I've never paid close attention to what day it's I said before, I'm not Irish.  Sue me.  Tuesday, unfortunately, I did not compile a photo album of my trek around the island of Maui with Sam.  I had an errand I needed to run down in Lahaina Tuesday afternoon, and when I finished I figured I'd check out a happy hour and see a bartender friend...and ended up getting pretty twisted and staying up way too late.  So, it wasn't a bad day off on the whole, just sometimes things don't get done when the spirits get into me.  I hope you folks understand.  Those of you who know Sam have probably seen his pics on the Facebook so now I'm not in a huge hurry.  I'm still in a hurry, just not a huge hurry.  I need to do some research and find a better picture uploader/slideshow maker, too.  I think I'm going to quickly run out of room on the site I'm using now.  I take all my pictures in the highest resolution I can so when I look at them on big computer screens they still look swell...but I have no interest in reformatting all of the pictures just to put them on the site I'm using now so I need to venture around the "internet" and find a better program.  Also with the POS program I use now I need to upload the pictures one at a time and since I have a whole gaggle of pictures I'd prefer to not have to upload the whole gaggle one by one.  Wish me luck on my search..

Today at work I had to train a new busser.  This seemed totally stupid to me as I just started a week ago.  The managers kept asking if I had traded a shift with someone but it had been on my schedule since it came out, so basically my bosses are just kind of silly ninnies and don't pay attention to detail.  I got some promo for it so now I can pay J.Mac back for the promo dinners he hooked me up with when I first got here and when he trained me.  Share and share alike, right?  Sounds like a good way to spend an evening sometime soon.  Nothing like stuffing your face for close to free..

I didn't do a damn thing for St. Patrick's Day.  I considered going out...and then I didn't.  I got out of work, had my meal, hung out a bit, took a phone call and the next thing I knew it was 7pm and I still needed to go home and change up.  All the while I went back and forth about going out because I got pretty snookered last night and I wanted to crank out a decent run before my shifts Thursday, but the decision was made for me when it started to rain about 20 minutes after I got home.  F getting wet.  Good excuse to stay in.


O, this is old business but kind of on the subject of last night, as I had to cruise home from Lahaina while inebriated.  Here's what I took a header into when I was coming home a couple of weeks ago:

Suffering Succotash.  That kind of sucked.  I'm hoping not to repeat it.  Still, pretty funny.


Also wicked old, on the toots-nami front:
These came out THE DAY AFTER THE TSUNAMI WAS SUPPOSED TO HIT.  Well, played, Crazy T-Shirt stores.  I found this to be especially amusing:
Ya, I bet they're giving about fifty cents form their $20 t-shirt.  So thoughtful.  Clock knockers.  Makes me a little queasy.

O well.  Tomorrow brings two shifts, which means two free meals.  That makes me a little hungry.  Cheers.

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  1. It's funny because you wore that 'I survived the Hawaii Tsunami' T-Shirt all 8 days I was there.