Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not having a remote pays off sometimes..

Because while I was flipping channels after work a day or two ago I found this little Nightline gem that is pretty amusing, no matter how many times you watch it:

Mrs. Coupons is clearly the better parent, as she looks for healthy foods at a steal.  Still, I can't fault the guy's logic on tuna.  If you find tuna, or anything else for that matter, on sale and you have coupons that will basically PAY YOU MONEY FOR PUTTING IT IN YOUR CART AND TAKING IT HOME (I don't think you can even call this "buying" it..), you might as well buy a garage full of the products.  Absolutely hilarious.  The guy's a flat-out genius.  I looked on his website but it seems to have a pretty solid mainland could be tricky getting off the ground out here.  I haven't seen a coupon yet, but don't worry: I'll still be keeping my eyes peeled..


These last couple posts have been half-assed, I know.  But I really have found the videos funny.  I got distracted today trying to gauge how much it's going to cost me to make a northeast swing in July so I didn't end up making a slideshow this morning.  Please forgive me.  One of these days it'll come.  I'm off Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday and other than trying to get a Hawaiian ID I have no plans so maybe I'll get to it then.  Then again, maybe not.  Enjoy your weekends, folks.  Cheers.

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