Monday, March 15, 2010

Wait, the Ides of March is also St. Patrick's Day?

Where the hell have I been?  Beware!  Beware!  Fudge it, I'm not doing anything today.  I'm not Irish anyway, nor do I care to pretend to be Irish even for a holiday.  I'll probably need to have a beer or two but I'm not looking for some craziness; I'm feeling pretty lazy today.

Samm-O flew back off island yesterday so now my room doesn't feel like a youth hostel anymore.  We had some good fun but I got pretty worn out between quite a bit of work and a long drive around the island over his last four days here.  I ain't as good as I once was...


O, I got paid for my training last Thursday: $194.55.  FML.  Haha.  I made a little balance transfer last week so with that little baby deposited I've got just enough dinero to pay my rent Friday and have a little icy slush on top of my new Hawaii account to get me through until I get paid for realsies in 10 days or so.  The office was really busy Saturday and Sunday as spring break just started (no big deal..) so hopefully it'll continue and I'll have a fat check to throw in to get me back standing on two legs.  No matter what I can't complain about the scenery for at least another couple of weeks now..


It's noon here and I don't want to be inside any more so unfortunately that means no more bamboo forest pictures and no more pictures of my trip to Hana. Well, k, I can do one or two..

This was overlooking a red sand beach a little south of Hana.  We got here about an hour before sunset.  There was this couple that decided to stand in the middle of the beach right on the shoreline and suck face the whole time we were there.  Fucking tourists.  Really ruined my shots because I had to pick one side of the beach to shoot at or the other.  Seriously, I've been good about swearing on here recently but that shit really grinded my gears.
Anyways, that's a monk seal.  They're endangered.  And those fudging tourists were about even with the seal and just out of my shot to the right. Clownshoes.  In the word of J.Mac those people being there really made my pee pee soft.

See, I told you it is endangered..

They just swim onto shore every now and again,
take a nap for some hours, and then shove back off into the sea.

The sign should have also added under the illegal
part: "Make out on the shore and ruin people's pictures"

I don't think many people have
seen them so we felt pretty special..

Life was pretty good that day..

I'm not working again Tuesday so hopefully I can bang out something decent between now and then.  But then again this is my weekend so we'll see what happens.  Cheers.

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