Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mule to my ears..

Last week I was out at my usual happy hour spot, Moose's, and it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere.  I know one of the bartenders there and she gives me one or two free drinks every time I cruise through, so more or less that's my motivation for going back.  Secondly, they have a couple TV that always have the prime time sports on and also a little TV that always has music videos on.  The audio to these videos is piped into the restaurant like normal music and it's mostly pretty killer hard-ish rock stuff.  They play a lot of Skynyrd, one time I heard Alice Cooper's "Poison," which was a S.Thomas favorite from our track locker room days and a solid classic track, basically they mix it up and play good tunes to listen to while catching an afternoon buzz.

This last time I was in there, however, I was shocked, SHOCKED, when I heard "Brighter Days" come through the speakers.  This is a Gov't Mules song and was actually the opener of the Bonnaroo set they played last summer.  This made my day.  I have never, NEVER, heard Mule on a radio or in a bar (This may not be true...I may have played a Mule track on the jukebox at the Goose...I know I've played Temple of the Dog so it's entirely possible they have Mule tracks, too, and I'm just not remembering..) or anywhere except on CD or iTunes of people who are Mule fans.  My mind was blown.  I was on the wrong side of the bar, away from the little TV and I don't believe they've ever released anything in the way of music videos, either, so while it was the studio version I have no idea what, if anything, was on the screen during the tune. Just my luck..

This was surely not what was on screen, but at any rate I saw this tune coming on as reason enough to keep sipping and ended up riding back north around 3am after that particular morning...but that's besides the point because I made it home safe and sound.

It should also be noted at this particular juncture that Moose's has a special called "Dollar Night" twice a week and later on I ended up back at Moose's for my first "Dollar Night" experience since getting here.  One word summed it up: grimey.  The drinks were watered down, there were about 10 girls and 100 guys there, and at least 20 of those guys were native Hawaiians who go out looking to get in fights with haole's(how-lee's...that's Hawaiin pigdin)...aka, me.  I walked away unscathed, of course, because I would never do anything to make a scene or cause trouble in a bar/club setting, but I only stayed about an hour before other places called.  Around close I know at least one guy got knocked unconscious...oops.  Haha.  I'm glad it only took one night to figure out this Moose's "Dollar Night" is not my cup of tea.  Id prefer not to get ounched in the face any time soon, too.  Fighting seems like too much work.


In other news I think I'm going to try surfing today.  J.Mac just bought a board from a Hula Grill coworker so we're going to paddle out in a little bit.  This should get pretty hairy as the waves have been pretty big out here lately.  I should be all set because I'm a pretty strong swimmer..


In other other news Bose is a piece of shit company because I have their in-ear headphones and they have good sound quality but after extended wear their little earbuds are prone to slip off the headphones...so needless to say I've lost an earbud so now I need to try to find a place to bud new earbuds.  Fockers.  I have a little Amazon order ready to rock and roll so I'll probably just go through them.  It's more just a pain in my ass, and since i don't have the little earpiece my headphones are useless at present.  I struggle running without my funky beats going in my ears, too, so the last couple days I haven't done a whole lot on that front.  O well, I was pretty tired from working quite a bit last week so a couple days off were probably good for me.  Tonight I may try to suck it up and run but chances are I'll make it about a mile and then walk back home.  I'm WEAK.  What's nice is even when I don't do anything as far as exercise I still ride my bike a few miles a day, and I walk WAY too damn much when I'm at work.  I lead a pretty tough life.


In other other other news when I was searching for "Brighter Days" youtube had changed its layout so I could find the box to embed the video at first so I searched around to make sure it wasn't just this particular video...and I stumbled upon this gem I had never seen before:

Utter hilarity.  I have the cartoon network out here so most evenings I fall asleep to Family Guy or King of The Hill or some of their lesser known Adult Swim sketches.  They help me unwind from all the stress.  Cheers.

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