Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodbye, Conan

I'm on my way to bed but this is a question that crossed my mind as Conan finished up:
Did anyone else find it a little amusing that Neil Young performed, and this was immediately followed by Will Ferrell dressed as Ronnie Van Zandt as Conan, a guy from ZZ Top, Ben Harper on slide (I think...don't hold me to that.  I hope it was just because that would make it much better as Ben Harper is a hell of a slide player...from what I've been told - I'm no guitar expert..) played a Skynyrd song?
Neil Young and Ronnie Van Zandt had a little bit of a feud back in the day as the Skynyrd boys took offense to Young's "Southern Man."  I don't know how serious this "feud" was, though it did come out in "Sweet Home Alabama" - one of music's first diss tracks, perhaps? That is "This is a diss track, perhaps it is one of the first?"  It obviously is a diss track, I just don't know when diss tracks came onto the scene.  I'm just guessing that this has to be one of the first..

I just found this to be a little ironic.  Happily, this was the first time in about five years that I actually enjoyed something Will Ferrell did.  He was relatively in control and, shockingly (at least to me) he did'nt try to be the center of attention, more than any lead singer usually is.  So, thank you, Will, for not RUINING Conan's final minutes.  Bed time.  Cheers.

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