Monday, January 25, 2010

On Far...vre..

I've been a Brett Favre hater the past few years.  Unlike Craig I never jumped on the Packers bandwagon that year they won the Super Bowl so I've never had any reason to like or dislike the guy until the past couple few years with his on-again / off-again retirement.
Sidenote here:  I've seriously never read or heard this anywhere so I don't know if it's been said before, but Farve's bath and forth seemed to have given Leno a perfect set-up of how to handle a comeback, right?  You just have to not give a shit and do your thing.  Even if you do your thing and shit the bed, like Favre did last year with NY he was still loved this year when he wanted to play again.  Leno should be all set then because it seems like the bad blood just slides by the wayside if you go out and have a couple of good performances right off the bat.  I'd say by his second JayWalking that Leno will be back to his old self and no one will really care.  The haters will still hate, because they have always hated.  But the world at large will go on like nothing...ever...changed.  A little unfortunate, perhaps, but at least Mr. Favre has provided this much needed blueprint on comebacks and staying in the limelight.  Take notes, Urban Meyer.
 I'm not going to chime in one way or the other, I've thought he should have retired as a Packer because I like those feelgood stories of an entire career in one location but on the whole that's his business not mine.  I'll make no bones about this, however:  I loved every minute of the NFC game last night.  Watching Brett Favre get his ass beat for sixty football minutes was easily the highlight of my month.  The Saints hit him early, hit him often, took penalties to hit his ass...and when it was all said and done he looked old as fuck.  I have to admit it, though: That tough cocksucker didn't quit.  As depressing as it is this asshat might legitimately still have another year of wear left to put into his Wranglers.  Shit.

Oops!  I'll give the 2nd guy credit, though.  I will guaran-damn-tee you he didn't need a map to know this was not, in fact, Detroit.  It, however, was also not the Super Bowl.  I guess you can't win'em all..


None of this really has anything to do with anything.  I dislike Twitter but I thought that it was especially funny on the Favre subject.  The former editor at deadspin publicized a little tag thinger that links related posts together thought up by one of his friends, and this particular tag thinger links subjects based on "ESPN Favre Rules For All."  ESPN (and really most all of the media) blows Brett Favre even when he lays an egg like he's a guy who gets a lot of blowjobs at no cost to him even though sometimes he farts when his lady friends are down low, so the idea behind this is: What if people who have been viewed, well, a little harsher for their follies that Favre has over his career, got the Favre treatment?  Some of my favorite examples are included below (with varying degrees of "appropriateness"):
[FYI: This one started it all] + That's the thing about Buckner -- he's not afraid to muff a grounder. That's one of the things I most admire about him. #FavreRulesForAll
+ That's the thing about god - earthquakes, floods, hurricanes... he's just having fun out there. #FavreRulesForAll
+ Jeffrey Dahmer was hungry. And you know what? He wasn't afraid to improvise. #ESPNFavreRulesForAll 
+ That's the thing about Lincoln. He's not afraid to go to a play with minimal security. Gotta respect that. #ESPNFavreRulesForAll 
+ You gotta hand it to Stalin. When he killed millions, you know what that says to me? He was trying. #ESPNFavreRulesForAll
Yikes...but, you have to admit it: if the folks who thought these up go down they're gonna go down trying to make a play.  And you've GOT to respect that.  Cheers.

PS: Winner of the day?  Reggie Bush.  Seven carries for eight yards and one muffed punt on his own 10 yard line.  Why does he win?  Clauses in his contract provided a $500,000 bonus for an NFC Championship win.  On top of  the $300,000 he got for the Divisional round win.  Super Bowl, you ask?  Another $500,000 for the win.  Bush's agent: You're a snake; well played..

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